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“Benefic Planets and Aspects Versus The Malefic Planets and Aspects, As I See It”


Writing this blog has been a joy to me in that it has open the door for my own understanding in what I really feel and believe in, as far as astrology is concern and what it means to me, but at the same time I hoped, I haven’t given the impression that I am trying to teach or develop a new approach to the subject.  With Mercury conjunct Uranus in the ninth sextile Pluto in the eleventh and trine Neptune in the first house, my thinking has always taken a different approach, contrary to the main stream, and in writing these articles, it was my wish to share my thoughts with others.  The reader needs to decide for himself what information he wants to keep in order of integrating these ideas with his own thinking and studies, and that which he wishes to discard.  With Jupiter in Cancer sextile to my Sun in Taurus, the need to share any good news is a top priority; otherwise the dust will hit the fan.


With this thought in mind I realized that my previous mentions of the benefic versus malefic might be taken as contradictory depending on the situation and the time being considered.  In the natal chart at the time of birth until about twenty one years of age I believe these aspects fulfill their mission, but as we grow and learn, I believe they begin to reverse and in some charts take on the aspects of the other planets they resound and blend with.  My reason for this way of thinking, is if the benefic planet endows an individual with all the money in the world and he squanders it, and his life takes a downward turn, is it the planet’s fault or the individual?  Or if the malefic Saturn brings the individual into poverty at birth and because of this, the person has the reason and purpose to work hard to achieve success and wins, who gets the credit or blame?  Thinking this way, one only comes to the conclusion, that the aspects definitely have their power over good and bad, but the individual can make a difference to the outcome, if he realizes that he can alter the end result.


This made me think, and come to the conclusion, that the benefic and malefic aspects and planets come into this world providing their best and worst to the individual, but can be colored by the other aspects and planets to become more neutral and give a different out come, then expected.  It seems to me that these two are similar in nature to Mercury, and tend to take on the colorings of their surroundings which are expressed through the conscious or subconscious of the individual involved.  It is in the understanding of what the outcome, the benefic or malefic would produce if we continue on the path in our chart that we can change the direction and purpose, to align with our wishes and the final result we desire.  As I have always said about the art of astrology, is very true with the benefic and malefic aspects and planets, they only indicate what might happen, and we as individuals, can make it happen or not.  The benefic and malefic makes no judgments, but work with their energies to fulfill their mission, so in essence they are neither good nor bad, but how we use them, brings forth the results.  So in truth these aspects can change their direction by how well we understand their forces and purposes, and change them, if need be, to reach the goals and happiness we want for our selves in this life

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