“The Ruler of the Ascendant Adds Hidden Pizzazz to the Personality”

One of the first rules one learns in delineating a natal chart is that the Sun, Moon and the Ascendant helps decipher the personality of the person in question.  That doesn’t mean that the other planets don’t help color the character, but if one wanted to get a general first opinion, one looks at these three points, first.  Many times I have heard people tell me that the Sun sign doesn’t seem to fit and wonder if astrology has any truth to it.  I always try to explain that our personalities are quite complex and that in reading a chart, all the planets need to be considered and analyzed in relationship to each other.  The Sun gives us the essence or intrinsic character of the person, central concerns, symbolizes the paths and goals, masculine elements, vital and dynamic energy, self-realization, and what is most essential to the individual.  The Moon represents our inner nature, the feelings and emotions, the unconscious, the instinctive reactions, feminine aspects, security, way of life, and the nurturing and caring of the unit as a whole.  The Ascendant is that part of our character we allow others to see, not necessarily who we really are.  How much of the real person is exposed to others depends on the aspects of the planets and how the individual has dealt with life’s complexities and is willing to be vulnerable and comfortable in his surroundings.

Even after understanding these three in relationship with each other, how they react with each other is quite important, in understanding the motives and actions of the individual.  What are the major signs, and in what elements and how many active planets?  Are the three planets in signs they feel comfortable in?  Are all the planets on one side of the chart, or are they evenly distributed?  So many things need to be considered before one can rattle off an opinion.  The one thing I have regretted in the age of computers is having the time to compute the chart by hand, and not the quick world of the personal computer.  The laborious method of computing a chart by hand, let’s us see details and aspects that might easily be missed, otherwise, and may be a major point in the delineation and the understanding of the individual and his actions.  The planets in the first house are also very important in working out the character, as they will color the way the Sun and Moon would react to any situation.  How does the planets in the first house aspects the other planets, especially the Sun and the Moon will be a telltale sign of the individual.

Another aspect that we sometimes forget to think about when analyzing a chart is the ruler of the first in aspects to the Sun and the Moon, and to any planets in this house.  The subtle influence the ruler of the first tends to be unnoticed at first, until one really begins to analyze the situation.  I have Neptune in the first, trine my ruler, Mercury in the ninth house which always colors how I think of anything and how I express my opinions to others.  With Neptune in the first I can express it with how I clothe myself and my actions, but it comes out through my thoughts on things that are close to my heart.  It is very subtle, but that variation can be the difference to a hum drum existence or to the success one has desired for oneself.  Also that difference can make a delineation of a chart to be a turning point for the individual, by giving the individual extra clues to make a difference in his life.  I definitely believe that the ruler of the first house gives hidden pizzazz and suggestions to our personality which will help us to a rewarding and successful life in this world.


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