“Is Saturn Retrograde an Absentee Father Figure Gone Astray?”

The other day at work I was relating to a fellow co-worker that in my traditional astrology yahoo group was having a discussion on William Lilly’s book “Christian Astrology”, that Saturn Retrograde in a natal chart usually means problems with the father or an authority figure.  Saturn Retrograde also means having trouble with too much or too little structure, too much or too little authority, too much or too little rules and regulations.  I noticed a glint in her eye, and I decided to look at her chart to see if there were any retrograde planets, especially Saturn.  Bingo, four planets were in retrograde and Saturn near the mid heaven, three degrees from the angle in opposition to her Sun by one degree.  As she was growing up, the opposition made the relationship with her father, difficult if not, down right hard to deal with.  Mercury Retrograde indicated that she trusted her instincts first, and then relied on her emotions and then how she thought about the situation through her intellect.  Mercury Retrograde also indicates an unusual relationship with her siblings.  I couldn’t wait to get back to work to see if my findings were confirmed.  It is always exciting to me to find rules in astrology that are no longer practiced in today’s world, but still is true in this day and age.

Saturn in opposition to her Sun would make her life difficult, and not having a father figure she could look up to and respect, would color her life forever.  Any one in this situation would be continuingly looking for a father substitute in love, friends and business relationships.  She would also be attracted to people older then herself as they represent authority and can give the approval that was missing from the home environment, as expressed with the opposition in the fourth house of the home.  This aspect not only makes her yearn for praise and approval, but also makes her give praise and approval.  It would also color her work situation; making her always doing her very best and helping others do their very best.  The need to be able to respect the decisions and actions from those above her to those below her in the work environment is also indicated by the aspects.  One of her main mantras expressed by Sun square Neptune and Chiron “You don’t need to know what you want or need, but you do need to know for certain, what you don’t want!”  Isn’t that the truth!

What I find interesting in this chart, is that if the retrogrades are experienced in childhood as good or difficult, they will color the whole chart and the whole life of the individual.  Depending how the individual copes with the difficulties and if he or she sees these problems as an impetus for growth, then the difficulties becomes stepping stones to their success.  Whether the aspects are exaggerated to the extremes are not, these planets tend to show all sides, and vice versa as the need becomes apparent.  Unlike the planets that are straight forward and do not diverge from their purpose and intention, the retrograde planet in the natal chart tends to become versatile and adapt to any situation.  Although a retrograde planet may be considered more malefic in a natal, as it has been handicapped by retrograding, I believe they are similar to the malefic aspects of squares and oppositions.  They are actually not as malefic, if you understand them and know how to use them to your advantage.  My mantra is “There is nothing that is benefic or malefic; it is what you do with them that will either harm you or benefit you”.  Finally I do think that Saturn Retrograde does mean an absentee Father figure gone astray, but how we use these retrogrades will depend how successful and happy we will be in life.


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