“New Moon at 25 Degrees Sagittarius on December 16th 2009 is a Blank Slate”

The New Moon period has become my favorite period of the month as it brings my thoughts back to what I desire in life and is the time of the month, where one can create and bring into manifestation one’s hopes and wishes for the future.  Especially during this particular New Moon at 25 degrees Sagittarius on December 16th 2009 where there are no planets in retrograde, which means the air is clear to focus on what is needed to bring satisfaction and happiness into our lives.  In our fast paced life in cyberspace we need to work with the Universe when it gives us a period of time, when it is working with us and not against us.  With the New Moon in Sagittarius, it is asking us to dig deep and wide into our consciousness and the subconscious, to grasp the big picture and attune ourselves to higher and loftier goals for the future.  As the New Moon is on the verge of moving into Capricorn, it is telling us that we need to reach for a more spiritual and loftier ambition for the welfare of humanity.  When the planets are in retrograde, static and carelessness is the air, and the ability to focus on what is important at the moment is not so easy.  So I advise one to go within at this time, where there are no disturbances and decide what is really important that will make the difference in your life in the future.

“The Sabian symbol for the 25th degree of Sagittarius is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

“Sagittarius 25  A chubby boy on a hobbyhorse  This is a symbol of the ambition by which man ultimately manages to leave his immortal stamp on the world around him, here dramatized in his desire for a fullness of living and a perfection of accomplishment.  The individual employs whatever means are available for trying his hand at the skills through which he would know his expanding self-fulfillment, and in his days of play and training he learns to fix his eyes steadily on the pyramid of goals ahead.  The keyword is emulation.  When positive, the degree is an indomitable determination to give the lesser potentialities of existence a more effective dimension, and when negative, idle self-indulgence and ingenious claims of merit.”

My emphasis in the last few months has been to express the need to search within oneself to discover our true needs for happiness.  As I feel the transits of the planets are suggesting major changes in this world at this time, we need to be ready with a new direction, so we won’t be left behind when the time comes.  Our need to feel we have a purpose and are performing well at what we have chosen, will give us the confidence to further accomplish more then the original vision and wish.  The confidence in ourselves also will allow us to take more chances, and bring them into manifestation.  This New Moon in Sagittarius is allowing us to be in touch with the Divine Spirit through our intuition and moments of inspiration, which will be a great help and comfort to us.  So take notice, and fill up your blank slate with the thoughts, ideas and actions that will inspire you to achieve your happiness. 


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