“Jupiter and Saturn, the Siamese Twins, Gratitude and Bounty”

As fall gives way to the winter months, and the land has given up its harvest and begins to become barren, being grateful that we will be able to survive through the season, comes to mind.  The early pilgrims celebrated with the Indians that they would survive and see another year and again toil the land to see many more winters in this new unknown territory.  The thoughts of being thankful and humble gave them the humility and understanding to accept help and develop the resources and inventions to survive and prosper in this new world.  These days it is harder for us to be grateful and thankful for what we have, because life is so much easier, or so we think.  What planets give us the ability to be grateful and thankful came to mind as I was thinking about this matter?

Jupiter and Saturn the gods of the ancient world does the trick for us, but not alone and separate, but as twins (as in the sign of Gemini) working in harmony to bring about the world we wish to live in.  Their work is so tied together, that they appear to be like Siamese twins, where one can not tell who is doing what to what.  It all comes out in the wash as one, and we are very happy that it does.  Saturn gives us structure, organization, consistency, security, stamina, steadfastness, limitations and boundaries.  The power of Saturn to help the individual to be true to it self, and to have the perseverance, endurance, conscientiousness, patience, wisdom, dependability, and consistency helps one to solve difficult situations and tribulations.

Jupiter represents trust, belief, growth, impetus, thriving, good fortune, prosperity, and the broadening of one’s horizons.  A developed sense of morality, ethics, truth, understanding, principles, and values which would represent what the individual stands for.  Jupiter also means wisdom, hope, grace, confidence, affluence, optimism, generosity, expansion and abundance.  Furthermore Jupiter together with Saturn means appearance, formation, compression, concentration, obligation, justice, law and order.

Depending on what signs and aspects these two planets are making with one another, and then to the other planets in the natal chart, will determine how much gratitude will come naturally to the individual.  In cases where the individual is hampered by their chart, one will use the chart’s information to help the individual gain the gratitude needed.  As I have always stated, the natal chart only indicates, it does not destine the individual to that fate.  I believe that although God may have given us problems and hardships to deal with, he has also given us the ability and assets to overcome the situation.

With gratitude on our side we begin to realize and appreciate what ever is given to us in this life, whether large or small.  Being grateful to God allows our subconscious to be open to all that comes our way, and being open we are able to see all the good that He has created for us.  Have you ever noticed during your daily routine, when one has been thankful to someone for their kindness and appreciated what was done, how that particular individual tries to do even more for you.  How can God do any less?  Actually I believe that the good for us is already here, but it is our gratitude that opens our vision to what is already in our harvest and bounty.  It is like the old saying “Is the glass half full or half empty?”, and it is true with how we see our lives.  So remember, the harvest and bounty is already in, and if we are grateful for it, our vision will be to see it, and it will manifest in our lives. 


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