“Astro*Carto*Graphy© mapping for Success and a Global Feng Shui!”

When browsing through The Mountain Astrologer issue #147, I came across an advertisement and review of a book entitled “evaluating Astro*Carto*Graphy by Elliot Jay Tanzer, which I found quite interesting as I was given a map as a gift by a friend many years ago.   Unfortunately, the brochure that came along to explain the map was unclear and I quickly lost my interest in this area of astrology.  Reading the review by Mary Plumb and the advertisement renewed my interest and I could not wait to get the book and the map to rediscover what I never knew about the subject matter.  There was a delay in the publication which prompted me to go to Mr. Tanzer’s website, and check out what he was all about.  To my surprise, not only was he an astrologer, but also a Feng Shui expert, and his explanation of how mapping the natal chart was an expansion of the Asian idea of being in the right location and in tune with the Chi, which he calls Global Feng Shui.  I now wanted the book; more then ever because I realized that the author, not only had knowledge of the Chi, but was certified to explain relocation charts.

During this financial downturn, many of the unemployed would be taking any job available even if it means relocation, and this information would be important to help the individual to make smarter and wiser decisions for their future.  Accepting a job in a new city, is one thing, but understanding the under currents that city might have in your life, will give one a head start in avoiding problems, and in what area you will be the most successful at.  As I have always said “Being forewarned is being forearmed with the necessary knowledge for success”.  If one doesn’t think relocation would make a difference in one’s life, one only needs to listen to the on going debates of solar return astrologers whether the place one is at during one’s birthday makes a difference in the forecast for the year ahead.  Some astrologers seeing some unfortunate problems in a coming year will advice clients to spent time on their birthday in another location to produce the desired result for the coming year, and bypassing any problems that might have occurred.  To me it really doesn’t matter whether relocating at the time of your birthday really works, as long as you believe it.  The mind is very powerful, and what it thinks is happening will be created by the mind in my opinion.  So if one becomes in tune with the Universal Mind or Chi, one will learn to work with the forces to achieve one’s happiness and success.

The following are some edited comments which explain what is in the book; you will find the complete advertisement and information in the magazine.

  • How to prep an ACG Map to bring it visually alive, assisting one to zero in on  the best areas, while making it clear which areas are not in ones favor.
  • How to use Latitude Crossings to fine tune one’s Map evaluations to indicate within the good areas which areas are even better.
  • How to go beyond the superficial, overly simplified evaluations that say “Go to Venus to find love.  Go to Mercury to write a book.”  One will learn the pros and cons of each planet’s effect on different personality types.
  • How the quality of a relationship changes for the better or for the worse on different planetary lines.

To my thinking even if one was not moving, understanding the planets, as to where we make our home would be a great benefit, and if we could fine tune the area that we have chosen to live in, would be an even greater benefit.  If moving north, south, west, or east, or even only twenty miles from where I now live, would make a difference, I would do it.  Remember knowledge is power, but learn to use it.


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