“Mercury Gone Wild? or has it just Gone Mad?”


These days during the internet explosion and with communication technology going wild, the resources to search for information are always at your finger tips.  Not only has blogging gone wild, but with services like twitter, one can keep in touch with the news of the day within seconds of it happening.  With so much going on, no wonder the old media establishments are having a hard time keeping their institutions profitable.  One begins to wonder how much of the information is backed up with facts or just hear say.  There is so much information available, and there is only so much time in a day to absorb all the knowledge to be had.  This made me wonder if all this knowledge that is available to us is a benefit or does it have a destructive nature we are unaware of?

Mercury the planet for communication, messages and information has it’s hands full these days with all the different ways to distribute this knowledge, one wonders how much is really being absorb, and has it been helpful?  It seems to me again that Saturn, Uranus, and Jupiter comes into play in this important matter.  I happen to be very happy that all this knowledge and information is so easily at our finger tips, that I have begun to wonder how much of the information are we really digesting?  Are we digesting the material and integrating it into our thinking, or just filing them in files in our brain, and when needed, extracted for use.  I am thinking we are in this financial mess, because we have assimilated all the necessary data, but had not digested the information to see what elements of what had been absorb can be put to good use for our benefit.  I have noticed in my own life, that I am being bombarded by so much information, that I don’t have the time to really think about what I am really reading.  The need to understand how our natal planets help us to absorb and digest this information is very important, if we are to attain a happy and successful life during these difficult stressful times indicated by the transits of the planets.

The transits of Saturn opposition Uranus square Pluto is telling us that the way we absorb and digest our information, and the way we are applying it into our lives, needs to change.  That we have lost touch with our real soul and the need to regenerate and see life as a whole picture and unit, and use it to benefit everyone and everything on this earth.  It seems to me that we have lost the zest to live, live and live.  Life is a banquet, in which we should enjoy each morsel, instead of filling our stomachs to stay alive.  All this information available to us is great, but if we don’t digest and understand how to utilize and apply the information into our lives, it becomes a hindrance instead of the help it should be.

This is where understanding the aspects between Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter in our charts become of vital significance in how we assimilate all this information.  It is not important whether the aspects are beneficial or malefic, but what is important is what the assets and the liabilities are.  The old adage “to be forewarned is to be forearmed” has more power, then one realizes.  To go into battle and to know our weakness is to have a secret weapon the enemy has not expected, and we may not win, but we will not lose, either.  This is where Mercury makes its presence in our chart important, and the need to understand how well it gets along with the sign and house it is in, and the aspects it is making to the other planets in our natal chart.  Again Jupiter and Saturn take their place in front to give us structure and the ability to digest, use and integrate the information beneficially into our lives.  So in reality Mercury has gone wild, and will it be us, who goes mad, if we don’t learn how to use all of this available knowledge for our benefit?  Knowledge is power, but I think in the twenty first century the saying should be change to “Knowing how to use and apply knowledge, is power”.


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