“New Moon at 25 Degrees of Scorpio on November 16 2009 is a Make Over”


The new moon period has become my favorite period of the month as it brings my thoughts back to what I want, and the goals I am working towards.  In our fast paced life in cyberspace the period that we allow for contemplation and meditation has become shorter and shorter.  By greeting the New Moon each month, we give our selves a few moments to review what we have done and what we wish to accomplish in the next period of time.  As we look to each new moon in the different signs and positions in the chart we become aware how it affects us during the coming month, and it will give us new insights into what areas we need to concentrate on.  This is an important month with the New Moon at 25 degrees of Scorpio on November 16th 2009 as this sign gives us the energy, determination and intent to fulfill what we wish to accomplish.  As the moon moves into the sign of Sagittarius, it is asking us what are the true motives lying beneath our wishes and desires for the future.  The ongoing aspects with Jupiter, Neptune, Venus, Saturn and Uranus keeps pushing us not only as a global unit, but as individuals to make major changes in our lives, and to understand the reason for those changes.

“The Sabian symbol for the 25th degree of Scorpio is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Scorpio 25  An X ray  This is a symbol of man’s organic integrity, or of the unvarying structures of nature on which all intelligence depends.  There is here an emphasis on the well-being of each individual as a foundation for his self-realization in the world he shares with his fellows, and on his responsibility to keep himself fit for the performance of his part in the common functioning.  He recognizes himself as the measure of all effective reality, and sees everything around him as a continual revelation or validation of his own capacity.  The keyword is investigation.  When positive, the degree is an exceptional power of analysis, and when negative, uncritical over-sensitiveness to both the condition of self and the state of society.

The understanding of our motives is not only important to our own well being, but has now become an integral part of the well being of our society and the well being of mother earth.  The seeds of thoughts we plant within our conscious and subconscious mind will in time bloom in our physical world.  So be careful of the seeds you are planting, as you might get exactly what you thought of.  I have given some of my thoughts and questions that you might consider where the New Moon falls in your chart for the following houses:

1st House

            Let all thoughts and wishes including those thoughts and wishes we think unimportant be energized with enthusiasm, and given a place of honor for their moment in the sun.

2nd House

            Have respect for your thoughts and wishes, and see which ones should be brought into manifestation, no matter how unattainable they appear to be.

3rd House

            Do research and communicate with others in the know, which of your thoughts and wishes have the right ingredients to be materialized.

4th House

            What in your surrounding environment should be changed to reflect the new you, you want to be?

5th House

            What new friends and pleasures will help bring about your change of thoughts and wishes you want?

6th House

            Has the meaning of the words; work, service and love expanded or changed in your lexicon?

7th House

            Who shares the same wishes and hopes for the future as you do?  Who shares the same joys and excitement as you?

8th House

            What part of life has come to an end and needs to change, and what changes are for the better?

9th House

            Your wishes and wants need to be made part of your belief system, and become real in your world by visualizing it into reality.

10th House

            Although at the moment you may have not achieved your dreams, you need to cultivate the attitude that you will in time and the attitude, you are already there.

11th House

            Remember to keep those who will inspire you and those who are the inspiration to achieve your goals, close at hand.

12th House

            Keep your thoughts and wishes private until they sprout, for you don’t want them uprooted before they bloom.

In this New Moon period we may not need a make over, but some of us will need to remind our selves what our goals are, and whether we lost track of what is important to our true happiness.  Like this phase of the moon, we need to take our light that was hidden under a bushel and let it glow for all to experience and enjoy. 



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