“Saturn, Jupiter and Venus Creating Imagination or Oversensitivity?”


Observation was one of the key lessons one learns when trying to compete in the world of fashion or fashion illustration, as understanding the trends gives one a head start to success.  The ability to observe also seems to me comes in very handy when one wants to write books or articles, as the need to understand human nature and to be able to describe it in an interesting manner to the reader is of prime importance.  Thinking about it in further details I realized observation in any occupation is of vital importance if one is to be successful.  The problem to me is that observation is not enough for success; the need to have the imagination to take what one observes to new heights of creativity is a necessity in the formula for success.  What helps in this matter is our sensitivity to what we observe, and where we go from there.

Neptune came to mind right away when one needs to develop the sensitivity to take an idea and bring it out of the main stream of thought.  What if you were a traditional astrologer, what planets would come to mind?  Immediately I thought of Venus as it gives us the ability to appreciate and see things, then Mercury to put the thought into words, with Jupiter to expand upon the ideas and to be able to share with others, and Saturn to give us structure.  Neptune the higher octave of Venus gives us vision and multiple avenues of possibilities.  Depending how these planets aspect one another determines what we have to work with.  The problem I see in the delineation of a chart is jumping to the conclusions that we might be handicapped by our charts to achieve the goals we have for ourselves.  It has been my experience that negative aspects can be the turn around in a chart to benefit the individual, as well as vice versa, with beneficial aspects bringing harm to the individual.  I have noticed from the many charts I have studied that it is not what we have been given to work with, but how we work with our assets and liabilities that determines the success we will have in life.

The important keyword in looking at one’s chart is to be honest with oneself and to view our chart as if it was someone who was consulting us, and to delineate from an objective point of view.  The problem I have found has been admitting to my self what I lack and what I am really good at.  The moment one takes one’s liabilities as a negative attribute, we have lost the ability to use it in a positive way.  The instant we see it in a positive light, avenues of possibilities of how best to use it comes to mind.  Instead of seeing a black and white picture of what we have, we need to see the picture in colors and to realize that all the hues create the picture and are needed to create the desired effect.  We must realize that each of us is unique and the final results will be achieved differently.  I think the negative thought patterns that gets in the way is to think that the formula to success has only one path for everyone.  The moment we see there are many paths to any one problem is the moment we will approach our goals with new insights.

The only negativity I see in developing our senses for the whole picture is when we begin to take what we observe, personally.  We need to stand back and see the picture in it’s’ totality instead of it’s’ parts.  The moment we begin to confuse our emotions with our thinking, is when we loose sight of the objectives.  We need to step outside of ourselves and see the whole picture, and not to think we always need to be the center of attention.  Our sensitivity is our doorway to our creative imagination and our ability to see new horizons and to develop new ideas and projects.  Remember that our sensitivity can be a liability or an asset depending on how we use it, so one needs to see how vulnerable Neptune and Venus is in our charts to determine our individual situations and how to approach and use these planets to our benefit.


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