“Pluto in the Second Solar Return House is to Rediscover Oneself”


Some may think I am concentrating on the second house because of the financial downturn we are experiencing, but it is one of the reasons and not the only one.  I feel that the ascendant expresses what we want others to see us, as individuals, but that the second house expresses who we really are.  For what we process in the material world is the reason why we surround ourselves with these things.  Our need with Pluto in the second should not be to impress others with our worldly riches, but to surround ourselves with the things we love, to reinforce who we really are.  Pluto in the Solar Return second house denotes dramatic changes in one’s finances, whether favorable or unfavorable according to the aspects to the sixth and tenth houses.  The important message of Pluto in the second is not whether we gain or lose, but rather, will we make the necessary dramatic changes in our lives for a better future.

Pluto’s keywords is rebirth, regeneration and starting over.  Although I think these keywords epitomizes what Pluto is about, I also think we have missed the true meaning of this planet in the second house.  In The Revised English Bible in Matthew chapter 18:3 “Truly I tell you: unless you turn around and become like children, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”  You don’t need to be a Christian or spiritual to realize the truth to the statement which can be applied to anything we wish to obtain.  Unless we get rid of all the useless fears, distrust and insecurities we have, we will never see anything in its true light.  We came into this world with an innocent and joyful soul and we add to our yoke all the hang ups of our fore fathers and our misunderstandings of how we perceive life’s situations.  We need to see our life as we would have done as little children with all the wonderment and amazement that goes with a positive view of accomplishment and with a joyful and grateful heart.  With Pluto in this house we are not to be reborn as a new person, but to rediscover the true spiritual soul and our purpose in the first place.  Rediscovering ourselves without the doubts, fears and mistrust we gain along the way.

Some with Pluto in the Solar Return second house will need to decide whether material security is what one is seeking or is it satisfaction of doing what one really wants to do in life.  Some will find both is important and will need to discover what will accomplish that for them.  Pluto wants you to clear up all the clutter, so that one can see clearer the path one needs to take.  Some will take charge of their own lives and begin the makeover, where as others will allow outer circumstances to make the first move.  As more people are loosing their jobs, the first move was made by the Universe; the next move will depend on each individual.  Pluto will not allow you to sit on the fence, and the need to get off and choose a side will come up sooner then one thinks.

One needs solitude to discover what we really want in our lives, and not to choose paths just to make others happy.  The problem of discovering our true needs, is that we have clutter in our lives with so many wants and wishes, that our true feelings are under piles of clutter, so hidden away, we don’t know they exist.  And true solitude is hard to find in this world with the technical innovations that are happening in our lives.  There is always something to clutter our mind with, so that we get side tracked from seeing what really is important to us.  In closing, with Pluto in the second House, we need to rediscover the child in ourselves that we have lost and allow it to be reborn along with the innocence we once had to guide us to a better and happier future.

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  1. Posted by Michelle on October 30, 2009 at 7:46 pm

    I like it. I have Pluto in my natal 2nd house- there’s very little good information about the 2nd house. It tends to get glossed over.


  2. Posted by Lex on August 13, 2011 at 8:49 am

    @ Michelle. what? 2nd house is a house most spoken about, next to 5th, 8th & 10th because of their connection with money.

    but seriously now, this is the only source of the 2nd containing specifics on solar returns. so, it’s okay to note, but i wouldn’t believe it verbatim. i am naturally concerned about it at the moment though simply because my SR has pluto 5* in 2nd, in Capricorn.. you didn’t take into consideration once the fact that Capricorn & Pluto – don’t mix well, the transformation is systematic, the breakdown isn’t personal, it’s exterior, Saturn rules Capricorn, so where Saturn is in the SR chart plays a role if aspecting Pluto – negative aspets will harden the effects, positive aspects will encourage positive results. in my case, saturn doesn’t aspect Pluto at all, and is in exaltation, however, Pluto trines both Jupiter in 6th & Mercury conjunct MC in 9th.
    over all the outcome to support your theory is positive concerning learning & place of employment, nature & hygene. otherwise… the fact that they are all in earth signs may strengthen the virtues, patience, stability & analysis.

    To concur, the concept of Pluto in 2nd may be about getting in touch with your inner child, but the HOW depends on the elements involved aspecting Pluto and their harmony/clash orientated energies.


    • Posted by linknjoe on August 13, 2011 at 4:38 pm

      Thanks for the comment. With Pluto in trine to Jupiter in the sixth and Mercury conjunct the MC, things are looking up as you are in control by how much energy and intellectual thought you put into that which you desire. The aspect of Venus to Pluto will provide you with another clue for the year. The articles on my blog define my thoughts and are not necessarily rules and regulations to be followed. They work for me and they might work for others, if they wish to work with them.


  3. Posted by Kelly on October 17, 2011 at 11:37 am

    Thanks for the article. Very apropos at this point. I have SR Pluto in SR 2nd house for the year and like above person, have a trine from Pluto to Jupiter in 6th with SR Sun conj. SR Mercury in 10th & SR Venus conj. SR Saturn in 11th. Don’t know if I can send you my info & you could give me your quick take but I am definitely at a crossroads professionally, thinking of going out on my own and experiencing some fear about plummeting finances for sure. (I have natal Moon & Venus in 2nd and have never had problems earning $$ so this feels like a pretty big shift for me.) Any insight would be much appreciated. ;}


    • Posted by linknjoe on October 21, 2011 at 12:16 pm

      My quick take from the information you have provided, is describing the situation you feel yourself in at the moment. It is difficult to tell whether the fears you are having about the change you feel you want to make, is really you, or the collective consciousness of what is happening in the world. The first thing you need to look at is what house is the solar return ascendant in, in the natal chart. This will give you a clue to what matters to you this coming year. Where is the solar return tenth in? It may not be the major change you think it is? Pluto in the second is asking the individual to look within for the transformation and not without. This is a time period you need to go within your inner spiritual self to find the guide that will show you the way. This I have learnt the hard way with Pluto in the solar return second.
      The Best,


  4. Posted by Asli on January 23, 2012 at 1:55 pm

    Hi Lincoln,

    I found the information very useful. Yet I want to ask as well. I also have Pluto in SR 2nd house and Capricorn (of course.) Jupiter trines Pluto from the 6th house, and Venus sextiles Pluto from the 4th house. However Saturn is in the 12th house and opposes Jupiter in the 6th. Mars,the ruler of 6th is retro in the 10th house (Which I took as I will go back to a carreer path I’d gave up on?) opposed by Uranus in the 5th. Jupiter and Venus are very good signs, but the Saturn and Uranus oppositions scared me. Any opinions? Thank you very much.


    • Posted by linknjoe on January 23, 2012 at 4:26 pm

      It is never wise to give an opinion when one does not see all the facts, unfortunately many people delineate the solar return without comparing the natal chart. The natal house that the solar ascendant and the Sun are in will give you a clue what might be important in the coming year. The same would be true with the solar return midheaven. Saturn and the Uranus opposition is less scary then a benefic, because you know with a malefic you are in a learning and growth period. With a benefic aspect they are somewhat of a wild card, which can be more trouble then meets the eye. The solar return book by Anthony Louis is a good place to learn more about what is happening in your return chart. Thank you for your comment and your visit, and I hope the book will clear up some thoughts about Saturn.


  5. Posted by Dora on July 2, 2015 at 2:12 pm

    I came across this post looking for a different SR placement, but I can attest to the accuracy of what you’ve written here, Lincoln. I had 2nd house SR Pluto the year that just ended and it was truly a year of clearing out clutter and -especially!- rediscovering myself (it was also opposite my Sun in the 8th). My finances didn’t really change, but somehow I had more money to spend on things I once loved but had given up, plus 2 months after my bday I had to move into a new place so I had to go through everything I had amassed the past 4 years; lots of stuff were thrown away, and others put into storage: it was gruesome but liberating . . that fitted 2nd house Pluto to a T!


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