“November 2nd 2009, Full Moon at 11 degrees of Taurus, Learning to Care”


On November 2nd 2009, a full moon at 11 degrees of Taurus beams its moonlight on the earth to brighten our path in the darkness of night.  The brightness of the full moon is a metaphor to our wishes and desires we planted in the New Moon period, and is growing clearer and brighter each day without any hidden agendas until it becomes full.  The materialization of our wishes and hopes which reflects us and our needs is similar to the full moon which reflects the energy and thoughts of the Sun.  With the full moon in Taurus the need to have or possess, to receive, to preserve, and to enjoy is essential in our daily lives.  With Jupiter and Mars squaring the Full Moon, the need to share, to expand, to care and to work towards a certain end which is familiar and lasting without becoming a dull and routine habit is a necessity.  Jupiter teaches us that we need to share our good fortune and Mars pushes our thoughts of giving and service into action, rather than empty words that do nothing.  Saturn still in opposition to Uranus and squaring Pluto is continuing to push for change, rebirth, regeneration, and the need to see things, both new and old, in a new light.

“The Sabian symbol for the Moon in 11 degrees of Taurus and for the Sun in 11 degrees of Scorpio is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Taurus 11  A woman sprinkling flowers  This is a symbol of the soul’s determination to give constant and tangible manifestation of its creative powers, and of its eagerness to pour itself into every potentiality of living.  There is here an easy and rewarding partnership between man and nature, so that a natural profusion tends to match his inner generosity of spirit.  He feels responsible for the welfare of his world, and its rewards for his interest are very great.  The keyword is care.  When positive, the degree is the high stewardship by which man builds everything around him into an enduring organism for his own fulfillment, and when negative, superficial satisfactions and a wasteful truckling to petty concerns.

Scorpio 11  A drowning man rescued  This is a symbol of the soul’s personal immortality, and of its unabated eagerness in returning to the various phases of its experience again and again.  There is here a consistent partnership between man and nature, so that the very accidents of circumstance can be counted on to serve him as long as he maintains his underlying enthusiasm of being.  His consciousness has continuity through his sense of responsibility for his own creative powers.  The keyword is safety.  When positive, the degree is the inherent courage which constitutes a protection from the vicissitudes of life, and when negative, a tendency to hysteria on the least occasion and a lean on transient excitement for all self-realization.

What this teaches us, is that no one person is an island unto himself without the help of others, and that the keyword for Taurus in the second house in the twenty first century is no longer I Have, but We Have and Share.  The urgency for humanity is to realize that we are now a global community and the need to watch out and to care for one another, is one of the many important lessons we need to practice if we are to survive the coming ages.  With Venus ruler of Taurus, we have not only the ability to appreciate and possess beautiful things and ideas, but we have the ability to have compassion for everyone and everything and every thought.  With the Full Moon in Taurus we are taking another step forward in learning to care.   


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  1. apparently, some say, that ‘this is the Official Date’. of our going into the Photon Belt’! And, ‘only to culminate’ in 2013! i got this from, ‘the dreamspell calendar’, by ‘diegoharmon’, on Youtube!


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