“Mercury in the Solar Return Second House ▬ Look Before You Leap!”


The three most asked questions an astrologer receives, deals with money, love, and career.  Money is asked more as an evaluation of accomplishments and self worth, unless the individual is going through financial difficulties.  Even during a financial downturn, having the ability to use your money wisely and keeping it, is a tell tail sign to others of your accomplishments.  The old saying “Money Talks” is evident with Mercury in the Second Solar Return house which is associated with financial planning and monetary decisions for the coming year.  Mercury is the messenger, the communicator and the observer and having the ability to grasp any situation and to adapt and hopefully to work towards a successful finish.  Mercury is a neutral planet who tends to take on the characteristics of planets it aspects, and we need to consider the aspects of the natal and the solar return Mercury to the other planets to arrive at a complete picture for the year as far as the money house is concerned.  Mercury in the second house of the Solar Return does not promise one will make or have money, but is interested in eliminating wasteful expenditures with money saving ideas.

Mercury in this position is in a situation that is more dangerous and malefic than Saturn, because we know where Saturn stands, but Mercury appears to be sitting on the fence deciding which side has the greener pasture.  Mercury can cloud the situation and bring underlying currents which might undermine your financial plans for the year.  Mercury does not plan ahead, it works one day at a time, and improvises as it goes along.  Unfortunately with Mercury in the second your feelings can be hurt, if your efforts are seemingly, not appreciated.  This can harbor resentments which can overturn everything you have been working towards.  You may be misreading the situation or others misreading your intentions, can make Mercury in this house a Joker in a deck of cards.  Mercury wants the world to know how well you are doing and wants the world to appreciate how far you have gotten.  Needing the applause is Mercury’s downfall and needing to be appreciated will hamper the ability to make correct decisions.  With Mercury in the second, it is like having Mercury Retrograde, one has to be careful and cautious and all will end well.  It is like the fool Card in the tarot deck where you think the person is about to fall off the cliff, but he is well aware of where he is going.  The person is embracing the adventure of life with an open mind open to new suggestions and ideas and is aware of everything around him.  His adage is “Look before you leap”.  As long as you know of the pitfalls Mercury will have as it journeys through the second house, you like the fool will avoid falling off the cliff and finally arrive at your goals.


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  1. Posted by sher on October 24, 2009 at 1:49 am

    This is very interesting. I have my solar return mercury in the 2nd house in Libra. I also have Venus there. If this is not enough I have Saturn in the 2nd in Virgo. They are ALL opposed my natal saturn. I am BROKE…I need a break….this doesn’t seem to be “in the stars”…please tell me I am incorrect. 😉 Any thoughts/advise here would be greatly appreciated.


    • Posted by linknjoe on October 24, 2009 at 10:23 pm

      Hi Sher

      Thanks for the visit, and it is in the stars, but that doesn’t mean, it is all bad since you are going through some tough financial time. As the whole purpose of my blog is to educate myself and others that the Universe may put some blocks in our pathway, but he also gives us some help with some benefic planets and aspects to learn our lessons with a minimal amount of pain and frustrations. Not seeing your chart, I can only give a general guess that the Universe is telling you to fix up and repair your second finance house by restructuring how you see and deal with money. I have written several articles on the solar return second house with two on Saturn in the archives. Hope this helps you and remember that astrology only indicates what might happen, but we make it happen and we can also reduce the pain by our constructive attitude and action on the matter and problem.



      • Posted by sher on October 25, 2009 at 12:33 am

        Thanks….it is true…major changes happening for me…not just merc in the 2nd house. Appreciate the response…

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