“Jupiter and Saturn – Soul Mates or the Odd Couple?”


Recently I receive a comment on one of my articles about whether I felt astrology could predict when, where and how one would meet one’s soul mate.  Thinking I wasn’t experience or had any expertise in this area, it aroused my curiosity and I decided to do some research on the subject and to my surprise, my definition of the word differs from what was being offered by the majority of the astrological community.  Because of my spiritual background I was mistaking soul mates with the meaning of twin flames, where one soul was one and split.  Like the yin and yang which is two, but yet one.  The general astrological consensus was similar to the definition of The American Heritage dictionary for soul mate: “One of two persons compatible with each other in disposition, point of view, or sensitivity.”  To me this could mean many soul mates that resonate with one another.  I am sure that most people who ask this question of an astrologer is wishing to know when and where and if they will meet their life companion and not just people that they would be attuned with.

Thinking about this, it made me wonder, if what we really should be asking, is whether or not; one is capable of recognizing and being open to the soul mate when he or she appears on the scene?  This made me think of Elizabeth Bennett of ‘Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen.  Miss Bennett almost did not end up with her soul mate because of her misinformation which prejudiced her opinion of the person, and lost sight of whom she really resonated with.  Some of the astrological sources on the internet are offering compatibility charts to determine whether one has found the right mate.  My objection to this is that since I tend to include people in my circle I resonate with, I would think that most of their charts would be very compatible to mine.  This made me ponder what planets besides Venus and Mercury would be involved to enable us to be open and ready when the right person comes into our life.  Two planets come to mind, and the strangest coincidence is that the symbol used to represent Jupiter is reversed to represent Saturn. (See symbol above, where Jupiter is represented by the Moon and then the Cross, and Saturn the Cross and then the Moon.)

Jupiter the planet of expansion, growth, good fortune, prosperity, openness, dignity, wisdom, beliefs, morals, grace, optimism, generosity, and the ability to share and give.  The planet Saturn represents structure, form, law and order, conscience, limitation, and the ability to steadfastness to the goals one sets in life.  All four planets must be in good aspects, but I feel Jupiter and Saturn are the key planets to our acceptability and the ability to maintain and keep the relationship alive and healthy.  Just because a relationship is destined for us, the need to maintain it is essential.  Astrology only indicates, but we as individuals make it happen.  Jupiter gives us the ability to share and to receive, and Saturn gives it form and structure and permanence.  They are definitely the odd couple as one gives the other takes, the one feels the other thinks.  But without them Venus and Mercury don’t have a chance to keep the soul mates together.  Venus can teach love and Mercury can show us how to communicate it, but Jupiter teaches them to share and give and Saturn gives to the mixture, form, structure and stability.  In closing let us remember that even though these two planets appear to be the odd couple, they truly complement and support one another to get things accomplished in life. 


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