“Jupiter and Mercury Made Me Do It!”


It has almost been six months since I began this blog, and I have begun questioning what natal planets were involved in this project that was so much work, but was much more beneficial to me then it appeared on the surface.  When I began this blog I was hoping to express my thoughts on astrology and what works for me, not realizing in doing so I was clarifying and redefining how much astrology meant to me.  In the mean time I was hoping that someone else would benefit from my thoughts, and maybe the light bulb would go on within them, and make something clear that wasn’t before.  My hope was to be a beacon to even just one person, as all the astrologers before me were beacons to me.  I had just seen the movie “Pay it forward” and it made a deep impression on me, that I needed to give more of myself to others, and what a better way in reaching people who might be interesting in hearing what I had to say.

Many years ago in New York City I had an astrological reading by Mr. Zoltan Mason (practitioner of the Morin method), which in hindsight I realized I wasn’t ready for, and did not received the benefit I should have.  I was a struggling fashion student hoping to hear about my big career on the runways, and instead heard about studying astrology, the spiritual and occult path, and the obstacles I would be facing in the future.  He wanted me to read a theosophical book on the etheric body, which I now deeply regret, but the Universe is always forgiving and has given me another chance to fulfill my destiny.  The strange coincidence or maybe destiny is that about three years ago, I again ran across Jean-Baptiste Morin, and have become in the modern English a groupie of his works.  The cycle has come to a full circle, where I should have been many years ago.  The old adage “better late then never” is worth its’ weight in gold as I am still given the chance to fulfill my purpose and calling in this life.  Although I still am a modern astrologer I have incorporated many traditional aspects in my own form of astrology that works for me.

My Mercury in Gemini is in the ninth house sextile Pluto in the eleventh house, and Jupiter in Cancer is on the eleventh house cusp sextile the Sun on the cusp of the ninth house.  As you can see I had no fighting chance to do what I thought I wanted to do, but to fulfill my destiny because this is what I really love to do.  All my life with Jupiter on the eleventh I would be letting all my friends know of anything new that worked for me.  With Jupiter and Mercury I was always able to stand back from any problem and to look at all sides of the situation, and then to decide what direction one should take, not necessarily always deciding on the right one.  All through high school and life I have been able to listen to my friend’s problems and to show another side to the situation.  This I am hoping I am accomplishing with this blog, is to see another side and opinion to what astrology can offer in this hectic and fast pace life we are leading today.  Especially with the downturn and the major hard aspects in the coming years, a need to see positive approaches and attitudes is necessary in the coming years, to fulfill our dreams.  My approach to astrology is strongly influenced by my interest in New Thought, self help, tarot, numerology, spiritual and occult thoughts, and Feng Shui.

So I hope you visit often and if something here, turns on your light bulb to a better life, be thankful for the help you receive from your natal Jupiter and Mercury and become your own messenger to pass it forward to help someone else in life.  Also remember the saying “better late then never” and to nourish and pass on the good to others what you have learnt and what works for you.  The truth is when we serve others we are really benefiting everyone, including ourselves.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Claudia on October 10, 2009 at 2:13 pm


    I chanced upon ur blog recently and have liked what I have read so far. I have a question on ‘soul mates’. Is there really something like soul mates? If so, can it be predicted by studying only one person’s chart?

    I don’t know much about astrology, but I do belive in it to some extent. Nowadays, I have become more interested in it.



    • Posted by linknjoe on October 12, 2009 at 12:02 am

      Hi Claudia

      Thank you for your kind comment, but concerning soul mates, I have no experience or expertise in this area. I do know many astrologers, spiritual and occult groups believe in soul mates and claim some sort of knowledge on the subject, and supposedly can explain an individual purpose in the present incarnation.

      Depending on how you define soul mates I personally believe if your definition is someone you resonate with, then I feel one has many soul mates that come into our lives, and they interconnect in our many incarnations.



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