“Rethinking Mercury Retrograde and Any Planets That Retrograde – Wow!”


In the last couple of days between friends and the astrology internet groups I belong to, a great sigh of relief can be heard, now that Mercury retrograde has passed.  Memories begin to fade, as some of the horrors are related in the groups.  In thinking about some of the situations that happened, I began to realize how lucky I have been and was wondering why some of the nightmares happen to so many of us?  As astrologers and students of the art, we all take precaution during these periods, but yet some incredible things happen to each of us.  For me usually it seems mechanical, the car might have some strange things happening that disappear quite quickly as it had appeared, or the computer begins to go its’ own ways and does the strangest things and then corrects itself.  The story that made an impact in my thinking was the astrologer that related that the surgery that he needed was only possible during the last few days before Mercury goes direct.  The surgery was successful until the last moment when the assistant dropped an implement on the patient’s stomach which caused a small hole which needed to be mended.  This made me wonder and to rethink about my own experiences with retrograde.  As careful and cautious that I am during this period, are some of the problems and disasters caused by other people and not just by our own carelessness?  If so, are the other planets that retrograde causing problems created by others, and not necessarily by ourselves?

I have always considered Mercury a neutral planet and more benefic then malefic when in aspect to the other planets, but during retrograde can be a mild malefic.  As the other planets retrograde the effect is least noticeable for individuals, and more noticeable as a group.  But I wonder is that realistic, or is it that we just don’t notice or pay enough attention to the other retrogrades?  Thinking about the other retrograde planets I began to wonder what thoughts would describe the situation in how others affect us during this period.  Depending on what element, a retrograde planet is in, determines the delineation; if it’s an earth sign then it would deal more with the physical and material plane.  In the air sign, it would deal with mental activity, intelligence and ideas.  In the water signs it would deal with emotions and feelings and in the fire sign with action, motivation and passion.  The followings are my thoughts and something to think about concerning the other planets when they are in retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde

Are you always being told what to think and how to do things?  Do you find people telling you things that seem insensitive to your feelings?  Do you receive emails and texting that makes no sense at all?

Venus Retrograde

Are others always trying to hook you up with the right partner, or telling you what kind of person is most suited for you to date?  Are you constantly told how to decorate your abode and are criticized for the outfits you choose to wear?

Mars Retrograde

Is everything in your environment moving faster then you wish it would?  Is the energy around you constantly in motion without a moments pause to smell the roses?  Are there arguments and disagreements at every meeting you attend?

Jupiter Retrograde

Are you always being assign to do charity work at the work place?  Is your time always spent in helping others, when you rather do something for your self for a change?  Are you forced into groups to find the real spiritual you?

Saturn Retrograde

Are you constantly being told how to structure your life to be more efficient and self sufficient?  Is your life kept to a routine you haven’t decided for yourself?  Are you constantly told to reexamine yourself to make sure you are on the right track?

Uranus Retrograde

Do you go to the company meeting well prepare to give a lecture on a selected topic and find out it has been change without notifying you?  Have you gone to a party that was supposed to be dressy and you find everyone in jeans?

Neptune Retrograde

Have you gone to a company think tank meeting and been told you have no vision?  Or gone to a party and you hook up with someone you really like, but had to listen all night long to their wild and strange ideas?

Pluto Retrograde

Have you ever gone to a company meeting with an idea and came out of the meeting with a project that was so different and unlike what you started with, that you felt embarrassed to have your name connected to it?

I am not sure what I said above has any validity for you, but for me it does and I am certainly going to pay more attention to all the planets when they go retrograde, as I realized that many of the frustrations that happens during Mercury retrograde are instigated by others, whether human or inanimate objects like the computer and the car etc..


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