“Can Jupiter in the Solar Return Second House be Impartial?”

file CN solar return 2009

Recently I was asked if I could predict through Astrology what might happen financially in the coming year for someone without knowing much about the person, except by his birth chart.  I prefer having a background of the person, but I was up to the challenge as I was only concerned with his financial health in the coming year.  I kept my fingers crossed and was praying that the spirit of Morin would guide me through the interpretation and forecast for the coming year, as I was following his method in the delineation of the solar return chart.  As I have said many times, Morin always felt one could not delineate the future without always referring back to the natal chart.  If it is not promised in the natal chart, it can not happen in the solar return chart.

To start with, one has to examine the ascendant and mid heaven and to see what houses they are in, in the natal chart, and to see if any planets are conjunct the angles and what houses they rule in the natal or solar return charts.  One then has to decide what planets are in the second house of the solar return with their aspects to the other planets, and the ruler of the cusp and its’ aspects.  Then one must look across to the opposite house and see if it is occupied and what planet is the ruler of the eighth cusp.

The solar return ascendant is Sagittarius and this sign occupies the seventh in the natal.  The mid heaven is the natal fifth, and is conjunct the natal Sun.  In the second, the finance house is the North Node, Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune with Saturn, the ruler of the cusp and trine the North Node.  Looking across to the eighth house which is empty, the ruler is the Moon on the cusp of the twelfth, trine Mars on the cusp of the eighth.  The following is my interpretation of what might happen to this person in the coming year.  I have always felt, astrology indicates, but one still has the freedom to choose one’s destiny.

With the seventh house cusp on the solar return first, the individual will realize in the coming year that to survive and thrive, his relationships are his allies, as he is theirs and the understanding of this, is his salvation.  His ability to transform and transcend his relationships, career and his finances will be his saving grace at this point in his life.  Although he may not realize it at the moment the whole theme for this year is living the good life and enjoying it like as in “La Dolce Vita” the movie, if any are old enough to remember it.  The Sun conjunct the mid heaven opposition Uranus near the fourth house indicates unanticipated changes in his career and possibly his place of abode or home life, whether it is his own making or outer circumstances demanding it.  Although this may come as a shock outwardly to him, I think with the Moon squaring Neptune indicates confused feelings with self -deception in dealing with misguided attempts to deal with the loss of any kind.  With the financial downturn it is obvious that the individual would be stressed with feelings of insecurity and emotional hyper-reactivity as indicated by the natal Moon squaring the solar return Moon.

Another saving grace is that the Moon is trine Mars, giving him the passion, motivation, increased libido, energy and the desire to change a situation which is emotionally uncomfortable, but yet rewarding.  With Mercury in the ninth house of higher ideas and travel, traveling will be a benefit to his soul and will give him ideas to keep and increase his financial security.  The natal Moon is in the second house of finance showing the possibilities of fluctuations in his money and investments, but on the edge of Leo where he tries to stabilize and control the state of affairs.  Natal Saturn is square the solar return Saturn creating feelings of frustration and the overburdening of one’s problems, and this becomes the turning point in changing his life direction.  His need for the good life and his loved ones will help broaden his horizons and his ability to think out of the box, which is not his normal way of seeing things, but will be an asset for him this coming year.

With the North Node trine the Sun and Saturn, and Jupiter in the finance and possession house, the finances appear to be in good shape, as Jupiter indicates a lump sum of money received during the year like a pension, severance pay or the selling of something that belongs to him.    With the eighth house ruler, the Moon trines Mars, indicates the use of other people’s assets (his investments, 401 k, possible partnership or a loan) which will increase and fulfill his hopes and wishes.  The problem is with Neptune and Chiron in the second and natal Jupiter squaring the solar return Jupiter, it brings lack of discipline, irrational exuberance, and overestimating the financial increase which might cause him to bite off more then he can handle.

My final conclusion is that if he chooses and handles the situation properly, no matter how it may appear to him and is supposedly contrary to what he thinks he wants, and works with the flow without any illusions and deceptions, it will be financially rewarding and experiencing the good life as he sees it, a reality.

file CN

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