“Mercury Retrograde Conjunct the Sun – Illuminating”


As long as I have studied astrology in groups and under some great teachers, I have always been told and instructed to be careful during Mercury retrograde.  The other day I read an article by Greg Bogart entitled “The Cycle of Mercury” in the Oct/Nov 2009 issue #147 of The Mountain Astrologer magazine where the author gives credit for this system to Alexander Ruperti.  If I never learn anything else about Mercury Retrograde, I am extremely grateful for this information to broaden my understanding of this misunderstood aspect of this particular planet.  After this short review and my comments and thoughts and ideas about this system, don’t walk, but run to get the magazine or a copy of the article.  You will bless your lucky star for the information.

Mr. Bogart relates Mercury retrograde to the four phases of the Moon, from the New Moon to the Full and back to the New Moon.  Mercury has five phases and is divided into four major modes of mental activity; the first is Mercury going along his merry way towards the beginning of retrograde, which he denotes as Diffusive Intelligence in which we go beyond concepts and theories, and let the mind be unfocused and undirected until it turns inward and contacts the source of consciousness itself.  To diffuse is to become widely dispersed or spread out and to disseminate.  The first phase is when Mercury goes retrograde, which he denotes as Investigative Intelligence in which one is concerned with data-gathering and getting the information.  To investigate is to observe or inquire into in detail systematically.  The second is Mercury retrograde conjunct the Sun where he assigns as the Inferior Conjunction and denotes as Illuminative Intelligence which is concerned with the discovery of meaning, or of a significant pattern in the information gathered, and its elucidation in some form of distinct theory, concept, or belief.  To illuminate is to make understandable or clarify.  The third is when Mercury goes direct which he denotes as Discriminative Intelligence which enables us to analyze the solution or concept developed through illuminative intelligence and tests its adequacy with discernment and precision.  The last phase is the conjunction of the Sun with Mercury where he assigns as the Superior Conjunction which like Mercury retrograde conjunct the Sun, he denotes as Illuminative Intelligence.  

For this article I am very interested in exploring the inferior and superior conjunctions which deals with Illuminative Intelligence.  A couple days before I read the article, on September 19th I was having trouble in explaining to myself a thought I had about the planets in its scheme of things to our world today and the time of the ancient ones, and on the 20th a whole story appear to me to settle my own doubts and fears.  On September 21st I open the magazine to read the article and noticed that on the 20th was the inferior conjunction with Mercury and the Sun.  It might have been a coincidence, but what I went through certainly made me feel the intensity of the discovery of the meaning of my thoughts and to the distinct pattern it made in my thinking.  Experiencing this first hand is causing me to anticipate the superior conjunction of the Sun and Mercury on November 5th 2009, and to keep notes and a diary on Mercury retrograde, now and in the future.

In thinking and dissecting Illuminative Intelligence, I began wondering what meaning the conjunction of these two planets has in the different houses.  My experience with the inferior conjunction was in my first house conjunct Neptune trine my natal Mercury.  That says it all and confirms the meaning he gives for this mental activity he calls Illuminative.

The following are my thoughts of the Inferior and Superior Conjunction through the houses:

1st House        

          Understanding our issues, actions and to resolve and master them

2nd House       

           Our values, attitudes, and skills are our possessions

3rd House

            Processing and communicating creative information and thoughts

4th House

            Our heritage, environment, and our private thoughts in unity

5th House

            Expressing ourselves in a loving, creative and fun lifestyle

6th House

            Repairing, improving and maintaining our health and service to others

7th House

            Being diplomatic and relating and sharing our values with integrity

8th House

            Bonding, sharing and respecting self transformation

9th House

            Grasping, understanding and expanding loftier ideas

10th House

            Projecting and understanding our position with our peers

11th House

            Our community and how we respond and react

12th House

            Our secrets, hidden resources, and guilt understood

As I continue my journey through the Mercury cycle with my head held high, I hope I peak your interest to continue your journey too, and to the wonderful possibilities ahead of us with Mercury retrograde. 


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Jacqueline Glew on August 12, 2012 at 5:32 pm

    Hi all,
    I have Retograde Mercury conjunct that busy old fool the Sun(John Donne) and yes this just about sums up my communication..devices and desires.So! Many many thanks for this insight.


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