“Mars in the Second Solar Return House – Stand By Me”

Mars 1

In these times when everything seems not to appear to be on solid footing, like we thought it should be, the need to work towards a more secure foundation is essential.  This is where Mars in the second solar return house is an important factor in building towards that financial security, but Mars can’t do it alone, since we don’t want to travel down the same financial melt down, we are now experiencing as a global society.  What we as a society has learnt, or I hope we have learnt, is that we are all connected together and that if one falls, we all fall, eventually.  It is the dominos effect happening to nations, states, cities and our local neighborhoods, and the “me first” needs to take a back seat, if we are to survive through to the better times.

Mars is the Roman God of war who is full of energy and at times can be brash and insensitive to the needs and wants around him, and rushes into things without giving full attention to the situation.  Mars in the Solar Return second house can indicate a self-initiated pay cut for many reasons that one hopes will benefit one in the long run, or cutting one’s hours to help the employer to stay abreast at this time.  It could also indicate extra effort as incentives to bonuses at the end of year or when things begin their upturn, or indicate taking on another job to make ends meet or to save for something important.  It also might indicate one becoming an entrepreneur while still working full time.  Whatever the extra energy one is putting into it, Mars in the second solar return house indicates a need to be financially successful, independent and in control of one’s financial resources.

In traditional astrology Mars is considered a malefic and harmful in the chart, with aspects to a benefic, the harm may be less, but with another malefic, it could end up in chaos.  Modern astrology doesn’t see it this way, but I was wondering and thinking how I could interpret and relate the harm in a modern sense.  Mars can be brash and quick to judge, and will use action before thinking a situation out.  To Mars, might is power and winning is the only solution to any problem.  Seeing Mars in this light one can see the modern malefic at work.  Just imagine what would happen if one became indignant and upset and felt that all the extra energy one was putting into it, was not appreciated by those one hopes would benefit from it.  Or what would one think if one found out that the goals one were working towards for your family was not wanted by them?  So to me if one acted on the indignation and upset, the outcome one was hoping for would not come about and the action considered malefic. 

To save modern Mars from the malefic traits of the past, the need to use Venus, Mercury and Jupiter to temper and guide the warrior Mars is a must.  Venus gives us the ability to love others and see the beauty in everything.  Mercury gives us the ability to think and to communicate with each other.  Jupiter gives us the ability to care for ourselves and others and to work for the good for all, rather then just for the self.  By working together, Mars malefic mischievous self can be understood and the harm it might do, be directed and become less harmful and actually be beneficial and helpful. 

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  1. I am completely agree with you – we are all connected together and the domino effect already has been seen in action last year. We all – people, cities, countries – we all can survive now and see the better times if we work all together.


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