“Patrick Swayze – Sept 14th 2009 – Solar Return Eighth House”


As the news of Patrick Swayze’s death, star of one my most favorite movies “Ghost”, hit the airwaves, news agencies, and the internet, I could not help but wonder if his demise would have shown up in his solar return chart for this year?  Although I consider myself a modern astrologer, I am interested and am reading the ancient traditional astrology, especially Morin and William Lilly.  To me astrology also needs to predict possible outcomes, but that is not to say that our lives are predestined, since I feel we do have free will to choose our paths.  Jean – Baptiste Morin in his “Astrologia Gallica Book twenty – Three Revolutions” explains what houses can possibly show sickness and death.  I was amazed that by following Morin’s step by step method, it did show what I was looking for without too much digging.


The first step is to check the planets in the eighth house which contains only the north node which might possibly indicate severe illness, and the ruler of the eighth which is Saturn in the fourth house representing the end of life square mars on the angle in the twelfth house of sickness and hospitalization.  Mars being on the angle shows the importance of this planet for the year and in the house of illness square the unpredictable Uranus in the tenth sextile the Node completing the cycle.  This was right to the point and his Lunar Return Chart started the day before, pointed to the importance Mars would play in the unfolding drama during the month.  Morin always felt the Solar Returns gave an indication of the coming year, and that you needed to use Primary Directions, transits and other methods to determine the exact time period it would happen.  It continually amazes me how astrology continues to prove it self, amidst this modern world of technology.


In my astrological internet groups I have seen paragraphs devoted to transits, progressions, and antiscia to show his sickness and death, but none as simple to the point like Morin’s method.  I am not saying the other methods are not valid, but in this complex world I like to get to the answer in a simpler method and Morin’s system works for me.

  Patrick Swayze solar return


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