“New Moon at 26 Degrees Virgo – Sept 18th – Midpoint”


It is always wonderful to experience a new moon; since we are midway through the year at 26 degrees Virgo on September 18th 2009 at 11:44 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time with its ruler retrograde, and Saturn and Uranus doing their special little dance with the rest of the planets.  With every new moon we can begin new projects or renew, redirect and, or rethink ones that have already been started.  With Mercury Retrograde square Pluto, the need for transformation and rebirth of our thoughts and commitments are at hand, and the need to bring them into reality an urgent matter.  The requirement to be resourceful, honest and with integrity with our thinking and our conclusions are vital for the next several years, if we are to survive and prosper from this financial meltdown.  We are hoping we are near the bottom of this crisis, but the stars tell us differently.  It is important not to be negative or despondent, but to look at one’s situation as objectively as possible and go on from there.

The Sabian symbol for Virgo at this degree is “A boy with a censer” which seems to indicate an altar boy serving with the Priest to serve the parishioners at-large.  One comes to the conclusion that being of service at this time is the important message, but looking closer at the matter, one wonders if the message is to understand why we want to serve and its benefits.  Does the boy understand what he is doing with the censer and what role he is participating in?  My thinking is the boy is serving to please and satisfy others in his life, and not necessarily for himself, even though he may really enjoy participating in the ritual.  To me the message is not only to be of service, but to understand the role and the purpose of the service.  We can’t help others if we don’t first understand and help ourselves.  We can not bring happiness and peace to others if we have not located the center of peace and happiness within us.  Another interesting thing is service to others is connected to Virgo and the sixth house which also indicates health.  It has been proven when we think of others in the big picture, we also help ourselves, therefore our health benefits.

We are towards the end of the Virgo sign and going on to Libra which is depicted by the scales of harmony and judgments.  The decisions and the directions we take now will either lead us to harmony, or the need to experience and to deal with the outcome of our wrong thinking and conclusions.  Although retrograde can play havoc with our lives, it is at this time where directing our thinking will produce innovative and creative solutions to our problems and our daily routines.  This new moon period can be like the censer, cleansing and blessing the path for our thoughts to follow and to germinate into the vision we have for us and humanity.



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