“Saturn opposition Uranus September 15th 2009 – Watch Mercury!”


On September 15th 2009, the Saturn opposition Uranus will be at the midpoint of five exact aspects for this time period, with the last on July 26th 2010.  For some it will be a sigh of relief that this aspect is almost over, and we can go on to better things.  For others this time will have past by with out too many hitches and to a future with promises, but not without hard work and with some changes in the direction in our lives.  Saturn is the teacher of structure in one’s life which represents experience, authority, tradition, continuity and a sense of stability.  Saturn is the great teacher and the bringer of wisdom and he guides and directs us to the next higher level in life, and teaches us to learn from our experiences.


Uranus on the other hand is a revolutionist who seeks freedom, equality, creativity, independence and brotherhood.  Uranus is also a teacher, but one who follows his own calling and seeks new answers and solutions to old questions and problems.  Uranus seeks to see the other side and beyond, and to see the solutions to help all humanity.  Uranus opposition to Saturn calls for change, not change for change sake, but change that is needed even if we are not up to it.  Uranus is pushing and telling Saturn that he has to get with it if he wants to survive in the twenty first century, and stop being a horse and carriage in the automobile age.  As a nation and as individuals, we are experiencing this aspect every day as the economical downturn continues, and we have all had to change the way we have been thinking.  We are beginning to realize with Uranus’s help that we can take charge of own destiny and make changes and with Saturn’s help with structure, begin to build a better and a stronger future.  All this takes hard work, but without Mercury we will experience failure.


As we are in the middle and almost over with this opposition, some may ease up and begin to direct more attention to other pressing matters.  I feel this is the most important time to keep vigilant of our hopes and wishes for our future, as it is a most precarious time to make a mistake and ease up on our determination for the right outcome.   This is where Mercury plays its part in keeping our vision of change on the right road to success.  The strength of Mercury in our charts with our own natal Saturn and Uranus will help us to get through this with flying colors.  Mercury helps us to see all details in the right light and to view Saturn and Uranus in a new light in relationship to each other. 


An astrologer friend had a client who was very unhappy with the Uranus opposition Saturn effect on her chart, which indicated a divorce from a wandering husband of six years to a younger woman.  The astrologer had to remind the client that she was not happy in the relationship in the first place.  This is where Mercury becomes important, that clear thinking comes into the picture if we are not to make a mistake in our future.  In rethinking her situation, she realized her pride was hurt, but that she really wanted the divorce.  She has been separated from her husband for only a couple of months, but has reported back to my friend, that she is on a wonderful new adventure and a burden has been lifted from her.  So remember to keep a clear mind and don’t jump to any conclusions until all the facts are in, and not to look at this opposition as problems and unwanted changes, but as opportunities to a better future.


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