“13 Degrees Pisces – Full Moon – September 4 2009 – Be Watchful!”


I don’t usually notice the full moon, as I find the transit usually passes me by without even a hello.  I know a lot of people are affected by phase of the moon, especially the medical profession and the police, who are very busy during this period of time.  I have many friends in this field, that don’t believe in astrology, but will tell you when the moon is full without looking up in the night sky.  This particular Full Moon at 13 degrees Pisces has Mercury square to Mars and Pluto; with Mercury in retrograde in a few days, besides Uranus opposing Saturn.  Mercury retrograde is enough to make one cautious, but with the Moon in Pisces our sensitivity and instincts are heightened and our ability to categorize the situation is hampered to say the least.  Our instinct to empathize with others has taken a back seat to our need to save our own private world from its self-made follies.  The problem is we don’t have all the facts at our finger tips, and if we did, mercury retrograde and the full moon will tend to help us to confuse the issue at this time. 

Pluto is challenging our perception to our situation, and the solutions we may come up with.  Our actions are halted by our inability to conceive the right solution to the problems.  The need to change has been in the works for awhile now, and if we hadn’t started before, we must be careful that we are thinking clearly and straight forward.  Uranus opposition Saturn has their own tricks up there sleeves when it comes to confusing the issues, so fasten your seatbelt.  Prepare for a wild, confusing and interesting ride toward and to an unexpected final conclusion to where we thought were going, but had not ended up anywhere near where we hoped for.  The best we can wish for is to do our best, and to know that the final result is what we need for the future.  Be aware of important messages during this time, and make sure you understand the communication, and what the proper action is to be initiated.  The messages may be sent to you personally or it may be signs that we as humanity should take heed.   Depending where the full Moon. Mercury, Uranus and Saturn hits in your chart, is the area of concern.  No matter where this hits in your natal chart, know it is going to be an exciting wild ride, and hold on to your hat, and especially to your money belt.  


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  1. Posted by bill on September 3, 2009 at 10:00 am

    hi i do not know what you mean no i do lol


  2. 13 is the number of the goddess and the fall of god, so yes be concerned if you only know history and not hers. : ) blessings


  3. i was looking for another opinion and I think you nailed it


  4. Thanks for that!


  5. Thanks for the article. 🙂


  6. had to print it… so i guess something resonated : )


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