“Pluto in the Second Solar Return House – Renewal & Change”


After experiencing Mars, Saturn and then the Moon one after another, I was apprehensive to think what Pluto would do in the second house of the solar return, but my apprehensions where unfounded.  What I realized was that going through difficult times was much easier then anticipating the difficult period of time ahead of one’s experience.  The old saying “be careful of what you wish for” makes a lot of sense, since by anticipating, in actuality we are unconsciously creating the situation one doesn’t want.  In a way I think it is important to know and understand the future, but at the same time, not to over emphasize the negative, in which our mind can bring into reality.  Now that some feel Pluto is no longer a planet, can it still have meaning to the astrological community?  Some may drop it, but my earlier studies of this planet have made it difficult for me to give up the friendship to an old friend with such wonderful myths and legends connected to it.


Pluto is the mythological bird that destroys itself by fire and resurrects and renews as the phoenix to a new more powerful life.  With Pluto in the Solar Return second, one has made a conscious choice towards change.  Whether it means an increase or decrease in finances is the choice of the individual in the direction he chooses.  Unlike Mars and Saturn in the second, the choice we make is our own, and not necessarily directed by own mistakes or Divine intervention, to teach us what we need to learn.  The change is not only important at this time, but monumental for our growth and development of our financial future and happiness.  This change has been in the works for many years and the fore going years have helped to direct our need, our attention and our understanding to see the light for the future.


Taking the traditional astrological positions, Pluto is not to be considered. There is no planet in the second, so that the rulers of the second and third must be considered, if we are to predict the up coming year as far as finances are concern.  Jupiter the ruler of the second in the fourth house is in opposition with Saturn the ruler of the third in the tenth. In reality a change in career or direction is eminent which would show fluctuation in finances occurring.  Like Pluto the individual needs to take the old structure of what was comfortable and make the change for renewal to something better.  All in all, as a modern astrologer, Pluto only confirms that renewal and change is essential at this time for future happiness.




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