“The Planet Ruler of Two Signs Will Bring Out the Differences”


Having my ascendant in Virgo with Mercury in Gemini conjunct Uranus in the ninth I have always considered Mercury the ruler of the first house and the Lord of my chart.  I think of myself as a mercurial person through and through.  One of my problems was Virgo, as I never felt I was outwardly that sign, physically or in action, as the first house should show the world, what I am like.  Neptune in Virgo in the first gives me a dreamy and airy appearance in stature and in my thinking, so in time I began to think that the Neptunian qualities were over powering my Virgo traits.  As I began studying Morin I realized that the rulers of the cusp must be synthesized with the other planets if one is to develop an accurate picture of the person’s personality and future.  I realized that Mercury was the ruler of Virgo and Gemini, and that one was in an earth and the other in an air sign, and both mutable.  I began to see how Virgo’s ability to be pragmatic, articulate and organized was slowly coloring my thinking in certain areas because of its position on the cusp of the first house, and was making Gemini, who was more carefree, to become more of a perfectionist as far as thinking was concerned.  I began to see, that at different times and in different situations, that each sign would have their day in the sun.  I noticed that Gemini would let my thoughts and ideas wander, but as soon as I decided on a thought, then Virgo would step in to bring order to the idea and make it practical.  My thoughts were systematize; my physical world was sloppy and disorganized.  This made more sense to me, and I realized, I truly was a Virgo in my thinking, and that was important in accurately delineating my chart.


After this eye-opener I began to wonder about the other signs, where a planet ruled two signs and how they colored each other.  The following are some keywords for the traditional rulers of the signs and how they may affect each other:


Mercury           Virgo                                       Gemini

                        Earth – mutable                       Air – mutable

                        Articulate, pragmatic              Information, communicator


Venus              Taurus                                     Libra

                        Earth – fixed                           Air – cardinal

                        Stable, beauty                         Balance, artistic


Mars                Aries                                        Scorpio

                        Fire – cardinal                         Water – fixed  

                        Spontaneous, assertive            Intensity, extremes


Jupiter             Sagittarius                               Pisces

                        Fire – mutable                         Water – mutable

                        Striving, visionary                   Caring, wisdom


Saturn              Capricorn                                Aquarius

                        Earth – cardinal                       Air – fixed

                        Authority, responsible             Originality, consciousness


These keywords become more apparent when in the first house, but are more subtle throughout the houses where one must consider the sign and the house that it is, in aspect to the planet.  As one begins to apply it and develop more keywords, one begins to see how important this is and what a new slant it gives to any chart.  Although it may color it very slightly, it colors it enough to give it an interesting twist and a difference to the outcome.


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