“August 20th New Moon in Leo – Let the Lion in us Roar!!!”


On August 20th 2009 the first New Moon at 27 Leo 31 occurring at 3:02 a. m. Pacific Daylight Time following three eclipses in a row, will be a very special time to start or continue any new project.  Like all new Moons I feel it is a special time to remember and to renew our dreams, and to visualize our prosperity and happiness for the future.  This is not like the aphorism “Is the glass half empty or half full”, in a New Moon period it is the pouring of the liquid into the glass, so it is definitely increasing.  Especially during these difficult times, if we are to survive and prosper in the future we must built a firm foundation in our mental attitude and actions that would suggest to the Universal Mind, and to remind ourselves, of the goals we are working towards.  This is the right time to write that check of abundance (refer back to my article “Law of Abundance – For What Its’ Worth” posted April 30 2009) and to meditate and visualize our wishes and dreams.

The following quote is by Stephanie Austin published in the Aug/Sept issue of The Mountain Astrologer.  It expresses my sentiment, and I couldn’t express it better.  “The New Moon highlights the ongoing conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune in Aquarius, reminding us that the more we become who we really are , the easier it is to find our team – those who are playing by the same rules and aiming for the same goal.  This rare conjunction marks one of the major milestones heading toward the Age of Aquarius – the age of liberty, equality, and freedom for all, the age of unity in diversity.  Unity does not mean uniformity: it is the synergy generated from the expression of each unique individual.  United, we experience peace and abundance: divided, we fall into discord and destruction.  Jupiter in Aquarius increases understanding and tolerance, making it easier to see beyond superficial differences of gender, race, or religion.  Chiron in Aquarius helps to heal the wounds of ignorance and fear.  Neptune in Aquarius dissolves the barriers, borders, and beliefs that keep us from recognizing our interconnectedness and our divinity.”  “The Sabian symbol for this New Moon at 28 Leo tells us that we have numerous options: “Many little birds on a limb of a big tree; a wide, and perhaps confusing, openness to a multiplicity of inspiring potentialities”.”  Thank you Stephanie Austin for your enlightening thoughts.

This is telling us, if we are to achieve our desires, we either keep our wishes and dreams to ourselves, or to surround ourselves with people of like mind who will help strengthen our determination to reach our goals.  Those like minds of our peers striving towards a unified goal, does not mean our individual goals are not attainable.  The best way to really see what we really desire, is to begin to understand who will really are, and where we are going.  This is one of the reasons I began my study of astrology, to get better acquainted with the real me, and it has been an adventure, which has never been dull.  Remember during this period there are many options and potentials to choose from, and if we keep a clear mind and surround ourselves with people of like minds, the path will be evident and the goals accomplished.  So in this New Moon in Leo, let the lion in you give out a big roar and bring your hopes and dreams into reality.


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