“Saturn & the 2nd House Ruler = Hope”


The other day I ran across a coworker I haven’t seen for a couple weeks, who has been transferred from his department of ten years, or I really should say, was bumped from his job by another coworker with more seniority to a position he became very unhappy in.  He didn’t have good feelings about continuing in this situation.  I expressed to him that I would be glad to do a solar return chart and see what was happening, and his comment was “I have too much on my plate now, to deal with the future.”  He was so worried that he lost hope for the future, and actually felt threaten to know the worst or the best of what might come.  My thoughts would have been to have a glimpse of what the future might be, so that I might find a way out, if it happens as predicted. This made me wonder what planet or planets give us hope and the determination to go on even when it seems hopeless.


Thinking about this, I settled on Saturn.  Although a malefic in the traditional astrological sense, he is the god of the ancient ones, who gave us structure, the law and the discipline, to work with one another.  I always considered Saturn the God of the Israelites and the Sun representing the God that Saturn became as our understanding and love of God developed in our psyche.  Saturn who was a disciplinarian and the law giver showed his loving side to us after we grew as human beings and into civilized groups.  Saturn gives us rules and regulation, and we paid dearly if we err, but at the same time we learn to grow from our mistakes.  Saturn gives us choices and the hope that we will reach the Promised Land.  Like Saturn, the planets and the ruler of the second house also represent hope, as this house shows us how strong our survivor instinct is and how far it will bring us.  How strong our survival instinct is in us, determines our ability to survive any difficulty, by giving us hope, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Without hope we would give up the struggle and without vision we wouldn’t have started the journey in the first place.  The need in ourselves to survive, gives us hope.


To understand Saturn in terms of how hope works in your chart; I have given a few keywords for the different houses as follows:


1st House                     Structure of personality, sternness, inadequacy


2nd House                    Attitude, difficulty, lack


3rd House                     Cold and reserve, the unconscious


4th House                     Quietly responsible, dependable


5th House                     Control spontaneity, organize creative activity


6th House                     Sense of responsibility, workaholic


7th House                     Serious connections, sober relationships


8th House                     Managed transformation and bonding


9th House                     Practical rationalizations and viewpoints


10th House                   Fathering to attain career goals


11th House                   Self-conscious social ability, universal causes


12th House                   Unconscious anxieties, altruistically


Understanding how hope works in our chart gives us a head start on problems that cross our paths, and allow us to think out of the box to create solutions to any situation.  So raise your glass and toast Saturn and the ruler of the second house, because we may not have control of the situation, but we do have control of our emotions.  Controlling our emotions will give us a clear mind in dealing with any situation, and solutions will become clearer to us.  For hope is an emotion.


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