“Aquarius Lunar Eclipse August 5-6, 2009 – Tunnel Vision?”


What was started during the longest solar eclipse this year on July 27th 2009 needs to be continued and fulfilled during this lunar eclipse on August 5th 2009 at 5:55 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time at 13 degrees 43  Aquarius.  Lunar Eclipses are powerful full Moons with highly emotional energy from past actions that culminate to fruition and brings opportunities for major breakthroughs, new perspectives, unity, decision making, engagements, crisis, excitements, and connecting with others in taking on challenges.  Life transitions are waiting to happen and are placed into action during this period.  What might have started to germinate during the previous two eclipses needs to be strengthened and nurtured to completion.

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun at 14 degrees Leo and for the Moon at 14 degrees Aquarius is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”.  My continuing comments will follow the excerpts from the book.

Leo 14 The human soul awaiting opportunity for expression

This is a symbol of life’s normal expectation on the personal or subjective side, and of the totally unconditioned potential of self at its point of entrance into each new complex of activity with its fellows.  Here all the ramifications of man’s promise are made ready for any or every refinement of immediate value, and his skills and talents are given a special sensitiveness to the momentary nuances of his individual aspiration.  The keyword is Ingenuousness.  When positive, the degree is a genius for an absolute wholeheartedness of participation in the everyday adventures of personality, and when negative, naïve procrastination and a lack of all genuine interest or enthusiasm.

Aquarius 14 A train entering a tunnel

This is a symbol of life’s normal expectation in the performance of community services or in the refinement of social divisions of labor, and of the utterly natural participation of self in its more personal relationships with others.  Here is the basic generosity of human personality in an eagerness for any or every new path of experience, or in a readiness to share its skills or its talents as these have been sharpened by actual employment and thus are fit for further usefulness.  The keyword is Courtesy.  When positive, the degree is man’s gift for meeting the most exacting of demands on his various potentialities, and when negative, uninspired conformity to limitation.

One can never just delineate any chart with just a few aspects, but must take the lunar eclipse as in the total chart, and when one does, one realizes that these two Sabian symbols confirms what must be accomplished in the next few weeks, if we are to realize what we have been working towards.  The need to have a purpose and to be transparent and to make a difference has been in the air since last year.  What we have learnt in this troubled time is the need to be selfish as a unit of humanity, and that we cannot help others if we can’t first help ourselves.  If we are to arrive at our goals we must be determined and straight forward and like the train entering the tunnel, to take the direct path. The only problem I see, is that I hope we can stand back far enough to see all the possibilities, before taking what we think, is the shortest way to our dreams.  The tunnel maybe the right choice, but I hope we don’t develop tunnel vision and can not see other possibilities in reaching our goals.  It may be important not to take the tunnel, so you can smell the flowers on the country side.  The choice is always ours, we just need to step back and once we have decided what the right path is for us, then it is full steam ahead.


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