“Can Feng Shui tie the knot with Western Astrology?”


Bagua from The Spirit to Water.com

A few days ago the total solar eclipse of August 2009 happened, and I thought it was important to write this article during the new moon period to receive the benefits from this exercise and practice. In the August issue 2009 of The Mountain Astrologer, there is an article entitled “Astro Feng Shui: making Magic in Your Home” by Simone Butler which I especially found very interesting and enjoyable since I come from the culture which nurtured it.  Some adherents to traditional Feng Shui would always use the compass to find the direction in which the map would be place on the house floor plan.  As you read through the article, one realizes that she used a group of chosen clients and friends which experimented with her method for over a year, and found some very good results.  I thought the choices she made in corresponding the Feng Shui map division to the astrology houses was shear brilliant intuition and maybe, guidance from the Universal Mind.  She lays the Bagua Map down on the house floor plan with the career/life path at the front door; from this point I differ to divide the house differently in showing you another method of the floor plan which will work too.  The Following is how she matches up the Bagua Map houses and their significance with the astrological houses.

Career / Life Path                    Black – – Water            1st House

Helpful People                        Silver / grey                 11th House

Creativity / Children               White – – Metal            5th House

Love / Marriage                       Pink                             7th House

Fame / Reputation                   Red – – Fire                  10th House

Prosperity / Abundance          Purple                          2nd and 8th House

Family / Foundation                Green – – Wood           4th House

Knowledge / Wisdom             Blue                             3rd and 9th House


I have divided the houses as follows, but I am using her house system:

Career / Life Path                    Front door area – Foyer and greeting area

Helpful People                        Kitchen and dining area

Creativity / Children               Hobby, play and entertainment room or area

Love / Marriage                       Bedroom or sitting area away from living room

Fame / Reputation                   Opposite the front door where the honors, certificates hang

Prosperity / Abundance          Office and the area where one pays the bills

Family / Foundation                Living room where the family gathers

Knowledge / Wisdom             Library, the bookshelves, or the reading area

Now what to do is the question, the first thing is find out what house does the new moon happen each month in your chart and clean that area of clutter and enhance the area using your intuition with the keywords.  For example the new moon is in the second house and you wish to increase your abundance, you may wish to include something purple, green, or gold to enhance the prosperity of the area.  After this is done, one can sit quietly for a moment with a lighted candle and meditate how clean and uncluttered and calm the area seems.  This is a form of meditation to nurture the seed for the creation of your dreams.  Your subconscious will do the rest and help to direct the Universal Chi to do its job.  The Universal Chi is neither good nor bad, it is energy that creates and energies whatever it comes into contact with.  There will be times when you need to fix a certain problem, just see what house that it is in, and begin to work with those forces.

In Feng Shui, everything is alive and related, and where visualization and intention are the keys to directing the Chi to create the results of the desired goals.  Besides the above little ritual of meditation, please reread my article (in the archives) entitled “Law of abundance – For What it is Worth” and write out a check, paid in full to yourself, signed Law of Abundance.  Maybe the East does meet the West, and ties the knot of happiness to a better future.


The four Blessings Symbol


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