“Horary Astrology – Does one need a yes outcome?”


While I consider myself a professional astrologer, I feel as most astrologers do that we are eternal students, continually learning and growing, in all the different areas of our expertise.  Horary astrology is that kind of study that no matter how long you have studied, you realize there is more to learn down the road.  John Frawley is one of the many traditional astrologers around whom I would love to emulate, has taken the traditional horary studies and has made it understandable to his students, and through his books, the public.  I am on several horary yahoo groups, and I can’t tell you what a learning experience it is, and even though you think you have learnt everything, something new and exciting, always pops up.


I have noticed that although some of the questions asked have a definite yes or no answer, there always is a story behind the story.   Since the question being asked is always very important to the querent, the person is always anxious to hear the final outcome, and usually doesn’t hear the narrative.  Sad to say, but I feel if we had paid more attention to the plot and not the answer, our decisions may be different and our delineation to the question, more in tune to what the person really wants to know.  As an example of this, a person asked if the ex-partner would be at their children’s important family gathering.  In delineating the chart the reasons where quite clear why the person wouldn’t be there but the event would turn out well, if not fabulous.  As it happens I think the real question, was the outcome of the party and the people involved, not the ex.


I think it is quite similar with questions for a new job.  The description of the job and its relationship to the querent are more important then the outcome.  What would happen if it showed the individual was up f0r the job, but there seemed to be a question whether the person actually wanted this particular situation?  Or what if it shows complications to the job and it would delay the hiring until a later date.  The question then would be if the person would wait for said position, or take another one that is offered.  The background always seems to give a clearer view of what is happening at the moment, and if we can break away from the emotional involvement with the question, we might see clearer what our decision should be.



 My advice to anyone having a horary question delineated is to listen to everything being said, since a no to your question may be the right direction the Universe has for your future.  A no will lead you to other paths that may lead to greater opportunities then expected.  The narrative will always give you clues to your question, if one will look for them.  There are modern and traditional horary astrologers available for consultation, but one must choose wisely.  Remember that even knowing the outcome of the future, the future is still in our hands, and that the final choice is always ours.




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