“Morin on Receptions – Not a Party, Okay!”


The following aphorism number fifteen taken from Astrologia Gallica Book Twenty – Three by Morin, the first translated from Latin by James Herschel Holden, M.A. and the second version updated by Anthony Louis in his book “The Art of Forecasting using Solar Returns”.  Following the two versions are my comments and thoughts on the subject.

15. If a planet in the radix is in evil aspect to another comes in the revolution to the evil radical (natal) aspect of that same planet, and there is no reception between them by house or by exaltation, it will be very evil, but less so if there is reception; but if it comes to a good radical aspect of the same planet without reception, it signifies no good from this, [but] with reception, a little good, in which one can hardly trust.  But if a planet in the radix in benefic aspect to another comes to the revolution to a malefic radical aspect of the same planet with mutual reception, a great good [accomplished] by contrary means is signified if the determination is to good; [but] if there is no reception, evil will happen, no matter what determination of the planet is.

15. If in the revolution a planet forms a stressful aspect (e.g., square, opposition) with a planet that it also stressfully aspected in the nativity and there is no reception between the two planets by domicile or exaltation, then bad things will happen.  Reception, however, can mitigate the harm of such an aspect.  If two planets form a stressful aspect in the natal chart but form a favorable aspect (e.g., sextile, trine) in the revolution, little benefit will accrue or, if there is reception, there will be only a small benefit that cannot be counted on.  If two planets favorably aspect each other in the natal chart but stressfully aspect each other in the revolution but are in mutual reception, there will be benefit through contrary means; with reception, however bad things will happen.

Reception is a condition where one planet is located in a sign where a second planet has astrological dignity, for example, a sign which is the ruler or in which it is exalted, or where the second planet is the triplicity ruler.  A mutual reception is a condition where two planets are each located in a sign ruled by the other and this is a beneficial condition, lending harmony and stability to each (Sun in Aries and Mars in Leo for example).

The Oxford English Reference Dictionary states that the word reception: the act or instance of receiving or the process of being received, especially of a person into a place or group.  The thing I realized with astrology or any subject one wishes to study is to keep things simple, especially the keywords that will open the doors to greater understanding.  If we look at the word reception and change it to the keywords “I like you and I accept you” or just “I accept you” the interpretation of the aspects become clearer.  When two planets are in hard aspects with each other, but in mutual reception and because they like each other may not do as much harm to each other as expected.  It is similar to the fact that I don’t care for your political ideas, but because we both are ardent advocates of soccer; your political stance takes a back seat.  The phrase “I accept you” or “I like you” takes on new meaning with beneficial aspects, as an aspect will give you extra benefits you haven’t thought about.  “I accept you” is like a fountain of joy that keeps on giving.

The same is true with planets opposing each other in opposing houses, but are in mutual reception, can bring more surprises then realized.  It may appear malefic; such as a person is being laid off during this economic downturn and finding that the person’s hobby and interest will become the source of one’s income.  A reception may not be a party in the normal sense of the word, but brings its’ own party favors to the event. 



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