“The Natal Moon Exposed – Ooh – La – La”


Interpreting the Moon in one’s natal chart, is more then seeing what sign and what house it is in, it is in the understanding of the nature of what the Moon brings to one’s personality.  The Sun gives the essence and energy, the ascendant the individuality, but the Moon gives the hidden personality that nurtures the soul in the chart.  The Moon ruled by Cancer represents our deepest personal maternal instincts and is responsive, receptive, reflective, and is our spontaneous and instinctual reactions to things.  The Moon is both our inner mother and our inner child and is our protector to keep us secure, comfortable and safe from the world around us.  The Moon at its’ fullest potential is sensitive, creative, imaginative, adaptable, intuitive, introspective and nurturing.


The next step in the delineation of the Moon is what sign, and which element of fire, earth, air, or water and which of the modality (cardinal, fixed or mutable) the sign is in.  Keep in mind, the ruler of the sign and its relationship and aspect to the Moon.  This all gives you a picture of what one is working with, but this is not all, since the Moon goes through phases from new to full, so the degree of the planet will show us more of how we react and respond to situations.  First find in what phase the Moon is in your natal chart, then look to the degrees to use the following descriptions.  By combining the two, one comes to a fuller understanding of the real you.


First quarter (new) – zero to seven and a half degrees of the sign

It is the first three houses of the chart where the initiative is from the individual who has come into his own and has suddenly realized what is important, as a being.  They will know early in life what direction they want to guide themselves into and are able to start projects and hopefully leave it in good hands to be finished.  Theses people are the starters and energizers to any ideas and can start one project and go on to others at the same time.  They need to learn not to always think of themselves as number one without consulting others first.


Second quarter (waxing) – seven and a half to fifteen degrees of the sign

The next three houses are involved and like the fourth the foundation has been laid where the person has strong goals and needs and prefers a home life and career where they are out in front and have the attention and status like the King lion and his pride.  Whether in the work place or at home they need a place of their own to express their individuality and personality to be successful, but they must be careful of not using others to further their own ends, rather then the common good.


Third quarter (full) – fifteen to twenty two and a half degrees

The seventh, eighth, and ninth houses are involved where the individual realizes that they need a spiritual foundation to build relationships and friendships that will help each other to achieve their individual goals.  The wisdom comes from the fact, that to succeed we need to work together as a unit to achieve our individual desires.  Things will come together and be more successful in the middle years (forty to sixty years old).


Fourth quarter (waning) – twenty two and a half to thirty degrees

The last three houses give closure as the sense of already achieving the final prize, they tend to cooperate to finish projects already begun by others, and to reorganize and sort out problems left undone.  They will often follow their hunches and intuition and work well in groups then alone, but they do need to know that they have completed the job, well done.  They may appear childish and naïve in their later years, but out of the blue they will achieve success in something unusual and completely individual.


By expanding the keywords and meanings to the houses involved, you will be able to give more understanding to your interpretations of the Moon, and its hidden agenda that will bring success in achieving ones’ goals and dreams.  Remember too, that the interpretation of the Moon must be combined and related back to its aspect and relationship to the other planets and angles in the chart.  


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