“Lunar Eclipse occurring on July 7, 2009 ▬ Hello!”



The Lunar Eclipse happening on July 7 2009 at 2:22 a.m. pacific daylight time at 15 degrees of Capricorn is an extra potent full Moon which has the Sun’s energy blocked by the earth from reaching the Moon for a period of time.  At this point the Moon is seemingly unable to reflect the essence of the Sun.  Eclipses in ancient times have long been held with great fear because they were regarded as being the giver of evil.  The eclipse has the effect of overshadowing whatever planet or angle it comes into contact with and to put some aspect of life into the darkness, while highlighting other areas requiring attention.  Eclipses are especially important when affecting the ascendant as this angle is representative of the general well being and appearance of the individual.  The eclipse cycle is approximately eighteen years, when it will occur again in the same sign of the zodiac.  Eclipses falling on one of the angles will automatically affect its opposite angle by reflection.  The effects of an eclipse relates to whatever the house that it governs and the house that it is in.

This particular eclipse in Capricorn is responsive, authoritative, and grounded, but the moon is in detriment in this sign, because it is in the opposite sign it rules.  It isn’t half as bad as it sounds, if one considers the yin and the yang of any situation and that all is one.  It is at one point of the circle we accentuate, that appears to others of who they think we are.  The weakness comes in the performance of the situation and not the outcome.  For many different reasons we hold back and do not give our all, to the final outcome when a planet is in detriment.  I always think the key phrase for detriment as, “I am not happy and I may not cooperate or give my all to the project”.

Keywords for the effect of the Lunar Eclipse on the angles and houses are as follows:

Ascendant – Indicates health problems either physical or mental

Second House – Values, self worth, knowledge, finances

Third House – Communications, siblings, short trips

IC – Indicates upheaval with family and home

Fifth House – Self expression, fun, play, romance, children

Sixth House – Work and service

Descendant – Indicates problems with relationships

Eighth House – Other’s resources, sexuality, death, inheritance

Ninth House – Inspiration, philosophy, religion, education, journeys

MC – Indicates problems with career, honors, position and reputation

Eleventh House – Wishes, dreams, ideals, friends

Twelfth House – Inner feelings, spiritual, hospitals, institutions

As an observer of the transits on charts, and especially eclipses I feel the oppositions and conjunctions tend to create situations that generally change the directions, or give a boost to the one already decided on.   The beneficial aspects tend to come into our lives unnoticed and are not appreciated.  So be aware, if the eclipse hits any angles in your chart or if there is an opposition or conjunction to any of your planets, then you should make an effort to take note of the changes and feelings of the moment.  Also, one must realize the effects of this aspect to your chart could last up to six months or a year.  Unlike the ancients we need not fear the lunar eclipse, but we need to realize that like the mother Moon we need to nurture and care for the aspects and their outcome. 


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