“The Moon in the Second house of the Solar Return Chart”


My solar return for 2009 had the Moon in the second finance house with the angles returning to the same sign, so I was quite grateful to read someone else’s interpretation and being able to benefit from it.  It was quite on the mark, but I wanted to know more, especially other techniques that would give me further clues to what the year might bring.  Since I am trying to get through Morin’s book twenty three I came across the following which I found very enlightening.  What house was the Moon in the natal chart and check out the rulers of the cusp?  Of the two Moons (natal and solar return), was one of them in a more favorable sign, and was it making any aspects to the rulers?  Looking further with the Moon and its position in the natal chart in the tenth conjunct the natal Venus gave me the clue that I was thinking of changing the direction of my career, and that finances would fluctuate until I was established in my chosen field.  Seeing how correct this was, I realized that to find further meaning of any planet in the solar return chart the following rules should be observed.

1.)     What house is the cusp of the planet in the solar return chart house in the natal?

2.)     What house is the planet in the natal chart?

3.)      Relating the solar planet with any aspects that it makes with it self in the natal.

Even an empty house in the solar return can have meaning by checking the rulers of the cusp of the natal and solar and their relationship with each other will give you secrets to your new year.  The following definition was extracted from “Planet in Solar Returns” by Mary Shea 1992 for the Moon in the second.   

“The Moon in the second house shows an emotional need for financial security.  In order to feel comfortable during the next year, it is important for you to review your financial situation and formulate plans which will increase or insure economical stability.  This financial plan should be capable of meeting your immediate and future material needs by addressing three major issues.

Second, how stable is your present salary and what can you do to increase future earning power?  Although a steady income would be reassuring at this time, it is more common to have a vacillating income.  This is not the time to expect a straight, dependable salary.  Most likely your income will fluctuate, but this could happen for several reasons.  You might be self-employed or only work part-time when the need arises.  Your schedule could be erratic or your earnings could be based on commissions or incentives.  For some individuals, the Moon in the 2nd indicates a break in income, though usually this is not the case.  Your overall income can actually change either positively or negatively, but it is more likely to increase if you actively focus on money-making ideas.  The Moon in the 2nd house is generally a sign that materialistic attitudes are very strong and making more money is part of this trend.  Even so, the need for money is usually more closely associated with an emotional need for financial security than greed or avarice.

Third, are you handling your present funds effectively in regards to spending practices, savings accounts and investments?  Spending practices are changing and expenditures will go up or down depending on what you are purchasing and who is spending the money.  If you are spending your own money, you less likely to make frivolous purchases and more apt to budget, save or invest.  You will tend to be more cautious and less speculative; with economic possibilities so varied, you would be wise to conserve money for rainy days and major purchases.  Outside of investments, the one major purchase commonly associated with the Moon in the 2nd house is a home, particularly the initial house.  This house is generally seen as an investment as well as a home, and a major step towards financial security.”

Happy Moon in the house of possessions and may the Mother Goddess serve you well if your Moon is in the second house of your solar return.

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