“Mercury and Uranus Conjunct in the Ninth House”


Mercury conjunct Uranus delivers a lightning-quick mind, mental genius and originality. The person is self-willed, dramatic, colorful, creative, inventive, articulate, individualistic, progressive, independent and stubborn. Quick perception and often will gain insight through intuitive flashes. Will be interested in astrology, science, human behavior, psychology, philosophy, religion, spiritual ideas and electronics, but will need a good education for a good foundation for success.  One is able to tune into the Universal Mind and obtain guidance from it.  Won’t accept ideas simply because of tradition and is able to find new solutions to old problems.

All the above I hope is true about me but I have always been wondering what it would be like to have the conjunction in another house other then the ninth.  Don’t get me wrong, I have certainly enjoyed and received much benefit from the house it is in and I am happy with the aspect.  I was wondering what I would be like with the conjunction in the different houses, so here goes my humorous thoughts.

The first house: A very eccentric dresser, probably with a Mohawk haircut, with a black tuxedo silk jacket and a 100% Egyptian cotton baby blue button down from Paul Stewart and a genuine Irish kilt with black knee boots for the office or board meeting.

The second house: The way things are going in the economical world I think I would invest in gold bars and hide them in an iron chest under a secret compartment in the floor under my bed.  Then enroll in a class on the internet in learning to be a pirate and go to EBay and buy a vessel, fit for the Monterey bay.

The third house: Everyday I am being bombarded by emails and spam through the internet and the cell phone, so I have decided Harry Potter had the right idea.  The Post Office is snail mail, so I have resorted to using a white owl to get my messages to the public; it is faster and more personable.

The fourth house: I think I would build a three story brownstone tree house and in the living room have the television on all the time showing a fire place with a warm fire.  How homey it will be.

The fifth house: Pleasures and excitement have become so mundane with all these computer generated action films in the movies today.  During the depression era people just jumped on the railroad cars to get from place to place.  Why not stow away in the space shuttle and get a free ride around the earth, now that’s excitement!

The sixth house;  I always thought why can’t we all get paid a high salary for not working and a bonus for everyday we  get sick, and if the company goes out of business, we should get compensation for being let go.  It takes work to do nothing all day and not be bored.

The seventh house:  It is so ordinary to be a married couple, living together or even being a polygamous marriage, why not be married to both genders.  Now that is what one can call stylistically different.

The eighth house:  How about letting everyone know that unselfishness is close to Godliness, and that all should give something of themselves to themselves to make life more enjoyable.  A day without modern equipment or electronics, just breathing the fresh air and listening to nature. 

The ninth house: How about having religion and politics intertwined so that we cannot tell the difference where one begins and the other ends.  We can have a Rock Star as president who has a black trim line princess phone with a direct line to God.

The tenth house: All those with back breaking jobs should be paid a decent salary and those with cushy jobs are paid the minimum wage.  The machines that are taking work away from humans should get no paid at all, and only the barest pay back for medical leave.

The eleventh house: CEO’s of big companies dressed in leather biker outfits who plan to give part of their salaries and part of the companies’ profits to help eliminate hunger in the world.  How refreshing.

The twelfth house: Breaking up the big institutions to smaller companies, where the employees are names and not just numbers on a sheet of paper.  One can go to your local grocery store and buy something that was picked that day.  What a fine secret that would be, something fresh, not weeks or months old.

While working on this enjoyable exercise trying to relate the meanings of the houses to the aspect and hopefully producing some form of humor, I realized that I really am all these things.  The zodiac is a big circle and although the aspect is expressed through one point in the circle, in truth we are really the whole circle.  It is like the drop of water in the ocean, it is a drop but yet contains everything the ocean is.  It is like the yin and yang, we are the light and the dark of any concept.  Morin states the empty house opposite house with a planet has the influence of that planet.  Besides using that influence of the non present planet, we also use the rulers of the surrounding cusp to delineate the condition of the house.  The importance of this is that we are the whole circle, but we have the choice to express ourselves through that one point of the circle through the degree of the aspect.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Gabriel Antinous on May 9, 2010 at 10:24 am

    This is just great, I have this aspect coming to me from today till mid January 2012. A bit off topic but do you know where I can get or if you yourself have good insight into Neptune’s placement in the 1st house?



    • Posted by linknjoe on May 22, 2010 at 7:36 pm

      Hi. Thanks for your comments. I have several articles on Neptune in the first, as I have it also in myy chart in the first. Neptune can be a great blessing in the first, but we always must be cautious when working with Neptune, it has its’ own rules. My article is”Planets in the first colors the rest”.


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