“Psychics versus Astrologers ▬ Good or Bad?”


In one of my astrology groups on yahoo, a member who is trying to get her business off the ground was very discouraged with the attitude of the people in her area on astrologers.  She felt that they had more respect for psychics who may be born with the gift, then an astrologer who has completed an accredited astrology course.  Thinking about this I realized it was because of our religious upbringing that has brought this prejudice to the forefront.  If you think about it, many of the major religions had very respected prophets, which brought the word of God to his people.  A psychic is closer to the image of a prophet, then an astrologer with a telescope in one hand and a chart and pencil in the other.

What is very sad about this prejudice is that many good astrologers depend on their intuition to bring forth fantastic readings.  Other practitioners of the art unknowingly use their psychic abilities to come to the conclusions they come to.  There are some astrologers who combine tarot to refine and fine tune their consultations.  My point is, what degree of intuition develops into a gift from God to be respected and the intuition that seems to come from the evil one.  I am sure the prejudice comes from not understanding the subject at hand.  Jean-Baptiste Morin Villefranche, of the sixteenth century, who first studied religion, mathematics and then astrology, believed the art confirmed the presence of God.  If we are considering that astrology may not have been looked at too favorable in the Bible; what about the Magi that predicted the birth at Bethlehem, where they not astrologers?

My point is not that one form of prediction is better then the other, but that one must choose the form one would be most comfortable with, and would get the most out of it.    If one is only remotely interested in the subject, one will realize how extensive the study is, and how amazingly accurate the predictions can be.  I am part of a traditional horary astrology yahoo group, and in reading their posts of their delineation of the many charts: it is amazing how accurate to the time and the outcome, they always are.  One is not only amazed, but in awe of the power of the Almighty to give us a map to guide us here on earth.

The question of good or bad has nothing to do with the kind of divination and prediction, but who one chooses to confide in, can be good or bad.  Although I lean favorably towards astrology I find it exciting to get a reading from a good clairvoyant who is recommended to me.  As I have said, it is the choice of the advisor that is really important if you are to have a good reading, which will benefit you.  I do have two warnings and that is to be careful at psychic fairs and to realize that there are psychics and astrologers out there whom are fraudulent and ready to scam you at a moments notice.  I love going to the fairs for the carnival atmosphere, and all the books, gifts and knick knacks.  With everything that is going on at a psychic fair and the need for the readers to limit their time with each customer, it is very difficult to concentrate and give a good reading.  Logically with all the vibes and action going on, the well intentioned psychic might be having some trouble concentrating on you to give you the information you need to hear.  Just enjoy the short reading at the event, and digest the information with a grain of salt.  Then the best thing to do if you really want to have a more precise reading and you trust the person, is to get their card and make an appointment for a consultation in a more private atmosphere away from the crowds.  Be careful and cautious, because in the long run, you are still responsible for the decisions in your life, and make sure you ask around and get recommendations before deciding on anyone.

So next time you come across thoughts and feelings that astrology might be a study of the dark arts, remember that prejudice comes in all sizes and forms.  The only way to overcome these obstacles and prejudices is through reading, understanding, and exposure to the subject in question.  Knowledge is power, and frees us from being slaves to our prejudices and ignorance’s.


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