”Mercury aspects Uranus creates Change and Movement”


The twenty first century, not only has brought in the Aquarian Age to the forefront, but has shown us there is no turning back of time.  Everywhere in the news whether on the television, the internet, or however you like to get your news, change is in the air.  Like the news coming out of Iran, change and how we communicate is everywhere.  We no longer can assume the old saying “Business as Usual”.  How we see the world and the way we deal with it, needs to be updated.  What has happen in Iran was foreshadowed by the elections in the United States in 2009.  The election gained momentum by the use of the internet, as it is happening in Iran.  The demonstrations have been helped and fueled by quick access to information by the public.  The old adage “Knowledge is Power” is definitely being demonstrated in that country where internet knowledge is overcoming restrictions being implemented by the government.  This new age only shows how powerful Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius and the co-ruler, Saturn is in bringing in, with lightening speed the age of technology.  The technology has not only made our lives simpler and faster, but has reminded us what a global community we are, after all.

This world event should help remind us that in our own personal life, the aspects of Mercury and Uranus are big movers in changing the situations we may be unhappy with.  Mercury deals with how we think and the way we communicate, and Uranus rules over technology and new ways of seeing and thinking about things.  Saturn gives us the structure, and pulls everything together into one cohesive unit.  For those who are looking for employment during this economical downturn, will realize the old way of sending out resumes will no longer give them the edge.  One has to turn to the new technology and think outside, or even around or under the box.  Networking on Facebook, MySpace, twitter, etcetera and even a personal blog is a way to reach more people and develop more contacts.  Obviously talent is a big plus, but exposure and networking will get you in the door and over the welcome mat.

Another thought is that being laid off, might be a nudge from the Universe that we should relook at our situation and make some directional change.  Uranus might be saying this is the right time to look at things differently.  Maybe it is time to be your own boss?  At the same time Uranus is telling us the old types of business and how they were run, is no longer right for our times.  So if you choose to be your boss, make sure you have a niche in the market you are targeting.  The important message from the stars at this time is change, and our ability to adapt and to work with it will mark our success. 

Following are some key words for Mercury and Uranus through the houses.  It might give you some ideas of thinking out of the box, by combing the meaning of the planets to the meaning of the houses and coming up with a new interpretation, which will give you insights to your next step.

House              Mercury                                   Uranus

First                 clever, adapt quickly               uniqueness, unconventional

Second                        resourceful, practical               inventive, independent

Third               articulate, persuasive               original, imaginative

Fourth             solid understanding                freedom of space and time

Fifth                creative action                         spontaneous, variety

Sixth                advisor, clear decisions           concepts, progressive

Seventh           adapts, diversity                      variety, excitement

Eighth             inquiring, interpretive              liberator

Ninth               navigator                                 freethinker

Tenth               agile, delegate                         creative, freelancer

Eleventh          clever, sociable                        individualistic

Twelfth           paradoxical, insights               inspirations, vision


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