“Venus hard aspects Neptune”


I have always been awe struck with the problems that stem from my Neptune in the first house squared my Venus and the Moon in the tenth house.  This was one of the reasons I began studying astrology, it was to understand myself better.  I wanted to see if I could avoid some of the difficult situations that might arise, or at least go around them somewhat.  To my surprise I recently ran into someone with the same birth date as mine, even though we are years apart.  This activated my Neptune so much that I started thinking of my self like the journalist Carrie Bradshaw in the show “Sex in the City” as the reporter of a column called “Astrology and the Single Guy”.  This made me wonder since the two of us had almost the same degree in the sun sign, what else might be similar.  I have noticed a long time ago that delineating someone else’s chart was so much easier then looking at my own. 

This chart was heaven sent as it helped me see certain planets and aspect in a new and exciting light.  Not only was his Moon squaring my Moon in a fixed sign, His Saturn made an aspect with my Saturn and Mid Heaven.  What I was most interested in was the similarities we had, and the way the chart showed how we approach each situation differently.  The best part which I am sure you have already surmised was the Venus Neptune aspect in both charts, with his Venus at the Mid Heaven opposition Neptune near the cusp of the fourth house.  Although the aspects were different, the meanings are similar, but our approach was from different view points. 

Venus square or opposition Neptune (considered the higher octave of Venus) in ones’ horoscope gives a similar meaning which may show subconscious difficulties in close interpersonal relationships that come up, when one thinks that one is being challenged.  The matter of trust and who we can trust is an on going issue in all our relationships.  Rose-colored glasses or blinders will affect our judgment of people, and in our financial affairs, as well.  We are likely to be shy and retiring, and appear to others different then who we really are.  The need to keep one part of us private from the world is something learnt from childhood.  Our concept of love can take a turn towards the heroic Prince and Princess in all the fairy tales and legends of old, or become relationships with different view points, then the norm.  Neptune in both houses gives a mediumistic and intuitive edge in accessing the images of the unconscious mind, thereby giving us the tools and insight to the solutions we are looking for.  There are many more meanings which you can look up, but I am mostly concern with how differently we looked at our problems and the direction we took to solve and correct the situation.

The first house keyword is “I Am” which gives the basic mood, appearance, personality, vital energy, independence, and temperament.  Neptune in the first house gives me a day-dreamer, airy appearance, and the need to show the world the face and personality it wants to see.  I saw the aspect as causing problems coming from my misinterpretation of the events in question experienced during childhood.  I have noticed that in looking back on past events that brought sorrow and pain, that the situation seemed different then I remembered it, and the blame or mistrust I gave to certain parties seem vague now.

The fourth house keyword is “I Feel” which represents our home or environment which gives the need for a feeling of security, well-being, family roots, and traditions.  This house emphasizes his need of “His space” where he has collected together important things to represent him.  He has created a world of us and them, not in a bad sense, but to allow us to see the differences.  He is clear to himself and the people surrounding him what he wants as part of his world.  As time goes on, his thoughts about his world will change, and so will the boundaries of his space.  His ideas of romance may seem clear to him now as long as the foundation of love keeps him in a secure and safe position.

The truth of the matter is that both of us are not as different or similar as we think, but the way we approach the situation, defines our individuality.  There is no right or wrong or best to the different approaches, but whether one feels comfortable with it.  How well we grow from these experiences will depend on how well we interpret and react with our emotions.  For it is the emotions that gets in the way of our growth, for the emotions direct the way we will size up a situation.  Fortunately or unfortunately, Venus aspect Neptune has a big hand in stirring the pot of life and the emotions that go with it.



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