“Squares, Opposition, and the Number Nine Equals the Hermit”




In dealing with astrology charts, I have always found awe and fear when the aspects of the squares and the oppositions are mentioned, as compared to the sextile or trine aspects.  I believe it is due to the fact that the word malefic is associated with these aspects meaning harmful or baleful.  One has to take words in context to understand the full meaning of what is being said.  A square happens when two planets are ninety degrees from each other, which are roughly three Signs apart.  They are usually Cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) which denotes fast action, Fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) which is a more tedious approach to the situation, and the Mutable (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) square which can go either way, depending on other factors in the chart.  An opposition occurs in a chart when two planets are one hundred and eighty degrees apart, or in direct opposition to one another.  The action here is of conflict and the need to resolve the situation where both parties are in agreement.

The Square (90 degrees) and Opposition (180 degrees) reduces down to the number nine (9) which is the highest of the single digit numbers and in its’ elevated position poses certain responsibilities.  The number nine is educational, philosophical, and spiritual in nature with the ability to heal in resolving conflicts.  Since I believe all things are connected and related to one another in this world, I have looked at the Hermit tarot card, which is number nine in the major trump cards.  The card depicts a hermit, monk, philosopher, or a magus on top of the mountain of attainment with a lantern which uncovers the solutions to his enquiry, or leads the way for others to follow.  The snowy peaks are symbolic of his isolation, because his wisdom sets him apart from the rest of the world.  He holds his lantern with the light which is made up of two triangles; one facing up and the other facing down.  The triangle only holds 180 degrees, but the combination of the two equals 360 degrees creating a whole circle, the symbol of the creator.  The 360 degrees using the rules of numerology reduces to the number nine.  The Hermit indicates solitude, introspection, retreat and deep understanding of the situation.  The number nine is ruled by Mars which represents the stamina, the perseverance and energy that you will need to fight the obstacles in ones’ life.  Mars shows straight forwardness of approach to the problems, and the enjoyment of risk taking.     

In combining all these thoughts together in delineating a chart, one has to keep in mind that the squares and oppositions may be harmful and baleful in that it forces us to face our demons and to seek our higher self in resolving the conflicts, and to come to a solution that will continue our growth in this world.  It is not easy to look within and finally reach the mountain top, and it is possible we may never reach it fully.  What is important is not that we failed to reach the summit, but that we started the climb.  If at times one feels the burden of the aspects are too much, just meditate on the hermit card, and realize that your higher self will give you the power and energy to continue the path.  The squares and oppositions are confronting us to look within like the hermit, and to reach our highest potential by fulfilling our purpose which the Divine has laid out in our charts.



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