“Saturn in the Second House of the Solar Return”



As the economy seems to worsen and no one seems to be immune from its grip, more people are concern with their financial health.  Even those who seem untouched with what is going on around them are expressing concerns that we may be on the brink of a gathering storm.  The well off and the rich, whom are normally sheltered from any recession are holding back and those companies catering to the rich have experienced downturns.  The hospitality industry that usually comes out on top during this type of recession is in an extreme slump.


I was concerned with one of the people who worked as a head chief in a convention upscale hotel at the end of 2008 and I had a solar return chart done for him for 2009 and 2010.  In interpreting the chart for his finances I concentrated looking at the second, fifth and eight houses.  Although I normally don’t skim a chart, I wanted to see if there were any trends in his chart that might prove more general for everyone working at the hotel.  He had worked for the hotel for many years in a management position, and is well liked by those underneath him.


Even looking at a chart casually one must always remember to relate it back to the natal chart, as a solar chart can only produce what is promised in the natal.  My first glance was to see what house of the natal solar return ascendant was in, as it will give one a clue to what is important in the coming year.  What planets were in the solar return first house and what was the ruling planet of this house.  The same steps are to be taken for the mid heaven and the second house of money as that was my first concern.  What I discovered was very interesting and enlightening. it confirms the accuracy of astrology.


Saturn was in the solar return second, the house of finance and possessions.  The following definition comes from Planets in Solar Returns by Mary Shea.  Saturn placed in the second house is generally not a sign of financial success and monetary abundance.  It usually means learning to live with less either because you have to or because you want to. To some, money is seen as only a means to an end and not an end in itself.  Fiscal control is necessary for goal fulfillment, and their priorities more important then money.  The 2nd house is the house of self worth, and during the year the person can place himself in a situation where he is either underpaid or not fully appreciated.


Jean-Baptiste Morin de Villefrance states in his books to use the rulers of both cusps that surrounds the house to get a deeper meaning of interpretation.  The ruler of the third is Venus, and the natal Venus near the natal first in the ninth, sextiles Jupiter.  Venus also returns to its own sign in the natal and is about to change signs, which is very meaningful here, as the need to change ones thinking is taking place. The part of fortune is in the solar return fifth with Jupiter ruler of this house and the eighth house.  What is quite interesting is that the ruler of the fifth and eighth is Jupiter which sextiles Venus giving some beneficial aspect to relieve the tension from the control of Saturn, so the individual will learn from what is happening


From all of this I have concluded that the person with Venus in the natal first expresses his individuality and thinking as one, I Have so that I Am.  His ability to adapt and to improve his situation serves him well.  His need especially during the coming year is to secure a stable future with the need to see his own worth.  I say this because to me the second house not only concerns money and possessions, but knowledge and how to use it is more important then having money.  His ability to take his thinking to a more pragmatic level to secure the future he desires is imminent.  Saturn definitely worked its magic as he had to take a salary cut and his 401 has taken a hit, but Venus in the ninth gave him the ability to work magic in picking his investment and balancing his concerns.  The need for the future is for him to understand his ability to analyze a stock investment that is half mixed with logic and the need to I Have.  The I Have is his survival instinct to a better future.

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