“Banking on your Dream Account with the Planets”

Mercury 1

In the self help movement one of the ways to create the future you want is to visualize daily what you want in your life.  They even have a wish bulletin board which one tacks up the pictures of what you are wishing for.  One has hundreds of affirmations to get you through the day.  If any of you out there are like me, none of the above practices really ever helped me.  I would take two steps forward and then fall back three steps.  Don’t get me wrong, working at what I wanted helped, but it constantly reminded me I wasn’t where I wanted to be.

To me, trying to visualize the ideal world, was working against me, because I kept reminding myself I needed to create it, so it wasn’t available now.  If visualizing and affirming reminded me of work, it also told my subconscious I wasn’t there.  And not being there brought stress and fear, and these energies only help to create the world I didn’t want.  Hate, fear and stress, when combined are a powerful stimulus to the creation of things that are being thought about.  The self help movement keeps telling us not to think negatively, but if you are trying to think positive thoughts, you know you are in the wrong place.

What I am going to comment about now may not work for everyone, but it certainly is helping me.  Don’t get me wrong, I am still working with it, but I am further along then I have ever been with the other systems.  I remember when I was a child that I would dream of what I was going to be when I grew up.  I day dreamed constantly of what I wanted and at the same time I took positive steps through education and practice to achieve the desired end, and at no time did I feel I was working at it.  I just felt happy in my dream world because there was no time or time limit when the desired affect would be accomplished. I imagined the world I wanted, but I was not creating it, since it was already here.   In the dream world everything is here now, you the dreamer are designing the world you want to participate in.

The word wish in the dictionary says: 1.) have or express a desire or aspiration for (wish for happiness) 2.) want or demand, so as to bring about what is wanted 3.) express one’s hope for.  The word dream in the dictionary says: 1.) a series of pictures or events in the mind of a sleeping person or a similar experience of one awake 2.) an ideal, aspiration, or ambition 3.) a beautiful or ideal person or thing.  In comparing the words, one is trying to obtain the desired object and the other is already there.

I think of my dream world where everything already is, a dream bank account in heaven, and in heaven, everything has already been created in the universal mind.  So when I go to my heavenly bank account I just withdraw what is needed.  One should withdraw small amounts at first, until one gets the hang of it.  The first thing I withdrew was peace of mind and it only took seconds and my withdrawal was in the present.  Through out the day if things took a turn, I just withdrew a little more, knowing my heavenly bank account would never run out.  The heavenly dream bank account will never need a bail out.  Once one achieves the little things, confidence will grow and anything is possible.  I know this to be true as each of my withdrawals has become more grandiose.  When one withdraws one’s desires don’t try to hold on to it, just allow the dream account to do its work.  It is like planting a seed; your initial work is done. 

How does one withdraw from one’s dream account with the planets in your natal chart?  By understanding the planets and how they react to each other and to which houses they are in will determine what direction you should be taking.  For example in my own chart Mercury (mind and intellect) is in Gemini (duality, versatility, light and dark) in the ninth house (higher thinking, expansion of horizons, inspirations, and ideas).  This aspect makes me very conscious of the meaning of words and in the context they are used.  That is one of the reasons I dislike using the words wish, create or visualize as it promotes the idea of a future manifestation of what is hoped for.  Dreaming it as an actuality makes it a reality. 

The planet Neptune (the mystic, the visionary, the principle of dissolving boundaries) in the first house gives me a head start in dreaming my own reality as long as I use the right words to germinate my hopes.  This gives you an idea of how to use the planets.  So let your imagination (Neptune) run wild and discover your own secret key which will open the doors to a better life.  I have used the planets Mercury and Neptune (a planet not used in Traditional Astrology) as I feel these are the two key planets in understanding our relationship with words and our imagination, and how they bring our wishes into reality. 

I have started you with some key words, but there are many more to be discovered and used on your road to a more fulfilling life.

Houses            Mercury                                             Neptune

First                 clever thinker                                      artistically sensitive intuitive

(I Am)

Second           resourceful and practical                 talent and abilities for self worth

(I Have)

Third               articulate and skillful                          inspired     imagination                             

(I Think)

Fourth             sensitive and emotional                    intuitive and instinctive

(I Feel)

Fifth                creative and playful                            romantic seduction

(I Show)

Sixth                cleverness in action                           sensitive to the now and the future

(I Combine)

Seventh           public intellectual exchange          kindred soul mates                             

(I Entrust)

Eighth             intuitive magical word power         psychic spiritual sexuality

(I Explore)

Ninth               higher education and travel             spiritual mystic on a journey

(I Believe)

Tenth               professional agility and delegation     the dream job (vocation)

(I Am Here)

Eleventh          sociable and entertaining                 sensitive and caring friends

(I Have Friends)

Twelfth           transcendental thinker                         nirvana hoped for and artistic

(I Dream)        (Thinking out of the box)


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