Three Gods in One in the Natal Chart

I have always thought that as a civilization progressed, its ideas of God has changed, not that God has changed, but how we perceive him to be, has.  As a hunter society we saw God as a strict protector whom we fear.  When we became more of a farming culture our God became more of an understanding father God.  And as our cities grew, and culture and the arts came into our lives, God became a loving Father God.

This I feel proves true in our natal chart as Saturn the first deity we recognized brings us structure as a tough taskmaster who has set rules and regulations which must not be disobeyed, unless we are willing to suffer the consequences.  When we realized how important this discipline is in our lives, Saturn turns and shows its true nature as the planet of perfect justice and highest achievement.  Adherence to duty is rewarded in full.

Jupiter is like the prophet high priest King on earth and is the planet of wisdom, planned expansion, trust, confidence, future optimism, affluence, wealth, justice, reverence, goodness, good will and abundance.  It helped to establish the great ancient civilizations of the past and gives us as individuals the confidence to fulfill our dreams.

The Sun God and the only one who has been with us from time eternal is represented by the circle with no beginning and no ending with a dot in the center representing the material plane and man.  Letting us know that what is above is also below shows us the way to a loving father God.  He has taught us to forgive and that we too can create with love.

Most astrologers will tell you that your Sun sign gives you the essence of who you are, the Moon sign your emotions, and the ascendant sign the person people recognize as you.  This is true, but I feel that the three God planets create more of the personality and the life then we give them credit for.

Saturn is considered a malefic planet and depending what sign it is in, will determine how weak or strong he is.  Malefic is a traditional term found in older astrological works referring to having an unfortunate, inharmonious influence.  The Sun and Jupiter are considered benefic planets referring to fortunate and harmonious influence.  The problem with using these terms today, it promotes fears, instead of trying to understand what was meant by the words, and working with these influence to bring on a better life.  It is like the sayings, “The glass is half empty, or the glass is half full.”  It really does not matter; what matters, are you planning to drink the rest of the contents of the glass?

The problem I see is that we must recognize whether these negative influences come from outside ourselves, as from our environment or are they self inflicted.  Either way, we can delete or defeat these negative influences from causing major upsets.  By using the planets to guide us, instead of being lead by the planets, we can achieve a better future.  How we use Saturn, Jupiter, and the Sun determines how well the ascendant, the Moon and the Sun will fulfill their promises in the natal chart.



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