Is a good astrological consultation, possible?


Although astrology may predict the future, the choice of how that future plays out still is determine by our freedom of choice.  The good astrologer can only point to the conditions that are placed in our path.  How we travel that road and what turns we take, is still in our control.  The selection of the astrologer is your decision and getting a good reading depends on how carefully one goes about choosing the right person.

The problem lies in the fact that since the field of astrology is so diverse, that one has to do a little work in studying the different areas, and deciding which one fits the bill for you.  To start with, one has to decide exactly what information are you looking for and to what extent that information will direct your future decisions.  Are you looking to see the psychological feelings and attitudes you will be dealing with in the coming year?  Or are you more interested in what areas of life are important that will affect you in the future? 

The problems I have seen in consulting with clients are that they say they want to know one thing while they really are interested in knowing about something else.  It isn’t that they don’t know what their questions are, but that they want to know so much, that they confuse themselves in asking the right questions.  The important point is the keep the questions simple and to the point, and the answer from the astrologer should also be to the point.  Adding too much information only creates confusion and indecisions to what direction one should strive for.

An actress on the verge of a break through in her career who had no time to herself, wanted to know if there would be time that year for a great love affair.  Great love affairs like great careers take time and one or the other would lose out.  She knew the answer, but wanted me to voice the answer she didn’t want to hear.

I like using solar returns to predict the coming year which is to return the sun to the same degree it was in the natal chart for the year in question.  Some use Secondary progressions which moves the planets a certain amount per day after the birth day representing a year for a day.  There are other methods like primary and solar Arc directions.  Most also use transits which I find for myself has little meaning since I never seem to feel or see the effects day to day.  Keeping these thoughts in mind will help you determine what methods works for you.

As I have said I get great results from solar returns, but others using other methods will come to the same conclusions.  I always feel that one should read up what one is about to get into, even if one has trust and faith that the person you are consulting is a professional.  If more people did that with their bankers, mortgage lenders, and investment brokers, they would be in better shape in this economical down fall.  Just because we have hired professionals who should be in the know, we must realize we have to take the responsibility of what happens from our decisions in choosing these people.  Obviously people supposedly in the know didn’t know and didn’t see or want to admit to the disasters we are currently experiencing.

The following are two books I really like, but there are many more in the area of solar returns:

           1,) The Art of Forecasting using Solar Returns by Anthony Louis

           2.) Planets in Solar Returns (A Yearly Guide for Transformation and Growth) by Mary Shea

Choose wisely the person you want to see and then try to listen attentively to what is being said. 

 May you have a wonderful session and grow and learn from it.


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