Law of Abundance – for what its worth.

In one of my files I ran across this Law of Abundance exercise attributed to Lynne Palmer which I will elaborate and extend on since I feel it is another avenue in which we can combine astrology and self help techniques to improve our lives.


“Every month, 24 hours after the new Moon, and not a moment earlier, write a check out to yourself (if you don’t have a bank account just write it on a piece of paper like a check) Write the check out to yourself.  On the line for your signature, just sign it “The Law of Abundance”.  Do not date the check and do not fill in the amount.  On the line where you would normally write the amount just write “paid in full”.  Do not void the check or throw them away, just let them pile up.  Put them in a bible, under your computer, wallet, phones, etc.”  Or if you are a cell phone person, text your self and save it.”


This paragraph has more meaning then meets the eyes, since hidden in the action is visualization, positive attitude, physical meditation and repetition.  One of the first points I must mention when doing this creative visual thought process, pick your quiet corner where only this creative visualization is done.  Each time you repeat the operation here, it becomes easier and more automatic.  I found this very true, when as a child I hated to study, but was advise to read in a favorite spot and do nothing else there.  It worked even though it took a couple weeks before I could go long periods without interruptions.


Have a positive joyous attitude with out anxious thoughts when writing this check.  Since you have no dollar amount you have not created any limits, and paid in full says it like it is.  One thing I would like to point out is paid in full can mean more then a monetary amount.  Like the old saying “money can’t bring you happiness’, there is more to paid in full as in joy, peace of mind, and happiness.  Keep an open mind when writing this check as it can mean any of these things; even bring abundant love in your life.


Writing this thought became important to me as I realized we just passed a new moon a couple of days ago on April 24 to 25, 2009 at 5 degrees Taurus which I found exciting and appropriate as Taurus is at home in the second house of finance and procession and its ruler Venus is the lover of beauty and harmony.  Actually I mentally wrote out several checks paid in full in the areas of joy, contentment, peace of mind and what ever prosperity the gods thought I needed.  Since I started this blog to inform and help, I decided to write this article instead of the one planned.  This shows us that even a person in a fixed sign who finds it hard to move away from the planned path as myself, can adapt to change quickly if needed.


A while back in Boston I was told by a psychic, in order to create and receive the good the Universe had in store for me, I was to stand facing a full moon in a five star position with arms and legs stretched out and saying “I am open to all my good.”  I think this is also a good ritual to do using Lynne Palmer’s thinking we should do this ritual 24 hours before the full moon peaks.  I think I failed to get the full benefit because I did it while the moon was waning because once it peeks, it quickly decreases.


I am now going to list the signs with a few key words to get you started, and a chart of the new and full moons for 2009.  You will find as you do the moon practice in the different signs that the mood differs.  And if the moon sign is in the same sign as your natal moon, you will feel an oneness with what you are doing at the moment.


Create a better future and experience astrology in our daily lives.


            Aries               Development of will and achievement of conquests

            Taurus           Security and enjoyment

            Gemini          Knowledge and diversity

            Cancer            Emotional safety and security

            Leo                 Greatest possible degree of self-expression and admiration

            Virgo              Purity and health

            Libra              Beauty and harmony

            Scorpio           Security and power

            Sagittarius    Ideals, religious convictions, and justice

            Capricorn      Completion of the work that has been started

            Aquarius       Utopia or stoic tranquility

            Pisces             Being one with the Holy Spirit


The above key words are taken from “Key Words for Astrology” by Hajo Banzhaf & Anna Haebler 1996 Samuel Weiser, Inc.


Moon Phase






Full Moon
New Moon
Solar Eclipse

Jan 11
Jan 26

1/10   19:28
1/25   23:56

1/10   22:28
1/26   2:56

1/11   3:28
1/26   7:56

21° Cancer

Full Moon
Lunar Eclipse New Moon

Feb 9


Feb 25



2/24   17:36



2/24  20:36



2/25 1:36

21° Leo


06° Pisces

Full Moon
New Moon

Mar 11
Mar 26

3/10   19:39

3/10   22:39

3/11   2:39

21° Virgo
06° Aries

Full Moon
New Moon

Apr 9
Apr 25

4/24  20:24

4/24   23:24

4/25 3:24

20° Libra
05° Taurus

Full Moon
New Moon

May 9
May 24

5/8   21:03

5/9   00:03

5/9 4:03

19° Scorpio
03° Gemini

Full Moon
New Moon

Jun 7
Jun 22




17° Sag
01° Cancer

Full Moon
Lunar Eclipse
New Moon
Solar Eclipse

Jul 7


Jul 22



7/21   19:36



7/21   22:36



7/22   2:36

15° Capricorn
29° Cancer


Full Moon
Lunar Eclipse New Moon

Aug 6


Aug 20

8/5   17:56



8/5   20:56



8/6   0:56



14° Aquarius


27° Leo

Full Moon
New Moon

Sep 4
Sep 18




12° Pisces
26° Virgo

Full Moon
New Moon

Oct 4
Oct 18

10/3   23:11
10/17 22:34

10/4   2:11
10/18   1:34

10/4   6:11
10/18  5:34

11° Aries
25° Libra

Full Moon
New Moon

Nov 2
Nov 16




10° Tau
24° Scorpio

Full Moon
New Moon
Full Moon
Lunar Eclipse

Dec 2
Dec 16


Dec 31

12/1   23:32



12/2   2:32



12/2   7:32



10° Gem
24° Sag


10° Cancer



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