Why astrology?

Why am I writing about astrology?  Astrology and divination are topics which are so dear to my heart.  I guess, since I have been a student of the art of the stars for so many years and being Chinese with all my superstitions and legends, it falls naturally that I would be keen on defending it from those, not in the know.


The problem of doubts and criticism does not just come from outside the astrological community, but from with in my own self and among our own diverse believers in the art.  What struck me most was an interview I read with Robert Hand, a well known astrologer in which he was asked, if he believes in astrology?  His answer was “not that he believes in astrology, but that he experiences astrology”.  That statement made a huge impact in my thinking about the art and science of astrology and my approach to continue my studies and application of the science.  To live and be it, and not just to read and to theorize about it is the key to the understanding of the stars.


What does experience mean?  The Oxford English Reference Dictionary gives the following:  1.) Actual observation of or practical acquaintance with facts or events.  2.) Knowledge or skill resulting from this.  3.) An event regarded as affecting one, the fact or process of being so affected, have experience of; undergo.


It started many years ago when I took up the study of astrology in connection with my spiritual path to have a leisure pursuit into divination, which because of my ethnicity went hand in hand with my beliefs.


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