Thanks for the Visit



I appreciate your visit and if you had enjoyed yourself and hopefully learnt something new, please spread the message and shout it to all your friends.  I am hoping to post a new thought every Thursday (Jupiter’s day of knowledge and wisdom) and Sunday (Sun’s energy and vitality). 


I am planning to make this blog an informative place for all kinds of new ideas pertaining to astrology and divination and personal self help and growth.  For what good is a great astrological reading and you don’t have any ideas of how to put it in action.  Forewarned is forearmed, but without the tools to make it a reality, it is no longer an asset.  One must realize that with a healthy body and mind and the right attitude one can put into action one’s dreams.  It is only with the right frame of mind are we able to grasp the opportunities when they come our way.


I am a self appointed new age critic and will review articles, books, and websites giving two stars or no stars, which would give you a head start where time has become so essential in our internet  life style.


To give you a hint of some of the articles being plan, they are:


1.)    The three Gods in one in our natal charts.

2.)    Indecisive is okay, but make sure you know what you don’t want.

3.)   Take small withdrawals from your dream bank account to create the lifestyle you want.

4.)   How to use a Solar Return Chart reading in a way to maneuver a better future.

5.)    Horary astrology- an old method of prediction, a new age tool for forecasting.orHH


Thanks again and if you wish to comment good or bad or no opinion at all but have a suggestion for an article, please do so and if you wish to contribute an article, let me know.






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