Reasons for my Blog


Reasons for starting anything is always based on some purpose and at times noble and honorable, and this is definitely the direction it has taken in starting this blog, which is to focus on any form of astrology and divination, etc..  It is not so much to convey to others a dogmatic axiom of ideas to be accepted, as much as to define and to clarify what my thoughts are, on the subject matter. It is also a deduction of my observations of all things on this earth in relationship to each other whether living or inanimate, and because I invite all forms of constructive ideas to be considered, as part of my agenda.  This blog is to represent my thoughts on any subject and to give cause for thought, exchange, information, enjoyment, and growth.  For my mind is at the stage of renewing, reconstructing, and growing into new areas of experience.  Life is not only a bowl of cherries, but topped with dark chocolate and whipped cream to be enjoyed and really lived, and to be directed to the best to what life can offer.


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