Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places?


It is not the power of an orgasm that keeps the relationship dynamic, but the continued attention to keeping the flames alive that keeps the excitement glowing.  So stay in front of the fire and pay attention to the coals.



It is true the grass may not be greener on the other side, but like our daily fantasies; from that perspective, the experience can be more exciting, thrilling and fulfilling.  It isn’t important to live out your fantasies, as much as just having them to enjoy.



Communicating orally will reveal your intentions, but to give your love life a lift, body language says an awful lot more.  Remember your action and body attitude is like the old saying “a picture is worth thousands of words”.



Home is where the heart is.  Make sure your mind knows the difference between lust and love to keep you peaceful and balanced.  When the passion has died down, the home fires must be kept going to reveal the other details around the home which created the attraction in the first place.



You are the King of the lions among your own pride, but around your true loves, the kid lamb in you comes out with a roar.   It is important to have a place where one feels safe and secure and can renew one’s energy to stay in the royal light.



Keeping all in order is great, but there are some situations that you have to kick caution to the wind, since great memories are forever.  Memories help make great tomorrows because they remind us what we want and what makes us happy.



Give and take is the rules of the day so don’t let your prejudices get in the way of a great affair, because not everything is what it appears to be.  There are always at least two sides to every story and maybe more then meets the eyes.  Keep in mind the old saying “Be careful what you wish for”.



Hot is hot, but don’t scorch all you touch, or like the king with the golden touch you may find your self alone and lonely.  Keep it cool and slowly stir the coals, and you will find the pot still hot without boiling over and turning the fire off.



Traveling to far and distant lands may get you some exotic fruits and forbidden one night affairs, but watch out for the cold lonely nights when you desire more then the release of passion.  Someone to come home to is like a comfy warm fireplace on a wintery night. 



Being a leader and player in the limelight is great for the ego.  Sometimes what you really need, want, and desire in order to relax and be the real you is to submit and be dominated.  Let the games begin.



Indecisiveness may bring about periods of doing nothing, so take the plunge towards the unknown to satisfy your inner needs for the unusual.  Love does not need to be ordinary and an every day kind of thing, so lead the parade in a new direction and make the most of it



Secret love affairs may make it exciting to be alive, but watch out for the sparks to fly when people you love find out.  The excitement may be in the forbidden fruit of the passion then in the person it self.  We always want what we can’t or should not have; that is the excitement of it all.  So stay true to yourself


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