Divination an answer?

During times of stress and uncertainty, the need to know some sort of direction becomes more apparent in one’s psyche.  The spiritual world becomes more attractive as they appear to give the future a more fixed outcome to the uncertain present.  Our needs to have a more stable outcome will make us turn to others for advice.


If we have decided to have some form of divination to help make some important decisions for the future, then we must have the same value and standards that we would use to choose a personal physician.  What do we really want to learn about, and what are we willing to sacrifice in order to arrive at the future we hope for.


The most important question we should ask ourselves is what we really want to know about the future, and specifically what areas are we really concerned about.  Make sure the question is specific and not so general as to give confusion to you as the querent or to the consultant who is trying to answer your questions. 


Most people during this recession are concern about money, but what area is really important to you as an individual in the scheme of things.  Are you worried about your job, investments, and what you’re spending?  Are you trying to start your own business, or are you unhappy at what your doing and worried about quitting your job because of your financial situation?  Or have you been out of work for awhile and feel hopeless about getting a job in your field, but feel fearful?  Have your investments been reduced to make you afraid to trust others again?  These are some ideas one must unravel and dig through to realize what is really troubling oneself.


You don’t want your hour of consultation spent on a subject matter not dealing with your apprehensions.  It is important to put your concerns first, to see the lay out of the land, and what your talents and assets are at the moment that might help you to improve your situation.


Remember the consultation is like advice from a friend that needs to be carefully thought over.  You must decide what parts of the consultation are for your own good, if any.  It is like going over one’s own thoughts and weeding out the bad, not so good, and the ones that are dreams.  Keep in mind you have only this life and no one else is living it, so make your choices that will make you happy.  Be responsible for your decisions, and don’t blame others.  And if you do make a wrong turn, one can always make a new turn on the road of life.  The important point is to listen to the advice with an open mind, and then be responsible for the decisions you make from them.  Blaming others for our situation, only delays the decision to make a correction to the problems that have occurred.  It isn’t important that we made a mistake or error, but it is a problem if we don’t quickly make a decision to correct the situation.  Without mistakes we will never learn, and with the mistakes it helps us to think out of the box to solve our problems.




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