Astrology my First Choice


My first choice would be astrology in the field of divination to find out what the future would hold for me, or to deal with some specific concern I have at the moment.  Having studied astrology for many years, and having gone to several astrologers, I have seen the benefits and the failures of the art.  I have also been to tarot card readers, rune stone readers, and psychics, and although I have respect for the real practitioners of these arts, I believe and know these arts are dependent on the abilities of the practitioners, where as in astrology it is in the system and how well studied the practitioner is.


The study of astrology is not an over night program with a diploma, as one may ask any astrologer.  Any good astrologer worth their weight in gold will tell you that it is an on going study regime with no end in sight.  To complicate matters, the study of astrology is like medicine, where there is a general over study, and then there are specific areas of interest.  So I have a lot of respect for an accomplished astrologer who continues their study in their special interests and are open minded to all new developments.


The difference from an astrologer and practitioners of the other divinatory arts is that astrology is a science in that a chart is drawn up at the exact time of your birth in which interpretation is then rendered.  Unlike tarot cards and rune stones, if one gets an answer one is unhappy with, one always hopes at another time to pick a different tarot card or rune stone to change or reverse the outcome.  The same is true with having a reading from a psychic which one is not happy with and one goes to another hoping to hear something else.  With astrology you can’t change your birth time or birth place, so you must deal and work with what the Universe has given to you. 


The planets, their position, and aspects are like the blessings and gifts given by the fairies in the fairy tales of old to the newborns.   As in the Grimm fairy tales although the child may have been cursed by the wicked fairy, the other fairies have blessed the child to help ease or modify the evil.  The same is true with the story of the planets in one’s own natal chart; some planets may bring mischief and others blessings.  In the fairy tales the hero or heroine had to suffer or go through the dark night of the soul in order to come into their own.  The natal chart like all myths and legends must work with the so called dark side to reach the light.


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